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I think my paws are well enough that I can sew again.  There is still
some significant inflammation in the bottom joint and the ball of my
right thumb, so I still have to go easy.

Going easy will not be difficult at the moment because we are still in
the midst of moving DD3 upstairs one floor and me down 2.  I think she
must have a closet of holding in her room because it's just a constant
stream of stuff coming out of there.  I am eager to find this closet
because heaven knows I sure can use such a thing!

A few months back DD and kiri stopped into a thrift shop on the weekly
kitty litter run, and found a wool sweater.  Normally they bring such
goodies home for me to unravel and make into something.  This particular
sweater fit DD though, so I told her to keep it without even looking very
hard at it.  She wanted it because it "feels nummy".  Well she has never
worn the thing, so when it surfaced as she was sorting out her room she
brought it to me to wash.  I plucked off the fifty cent price tag and
looked for a tag with washing instructions or fiber content.  I found
one.  100% cashmere, made in Italy.
I will not steal my daughters "nummy" sweater.
I will not steal my daughters "nummy" sweater.
I will not steal my daughters "nummy" sweater.

*makes a sound similar to a dog who knows you have a goodie you aren't
planning to share"


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Re: OT and onT
Den 05-06-2012 08:23, NightMist skrev:
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Maybe it got ruined in the wash? :-)

Hanne in DK

Re: OT and onT
Just remember that moving stuff can be hard on the hands!
Wouldn't DD consider giving you her sweater in exchange for all that
heavy lifting? Nothing like a nice bit of cashmere! would have been a
major chore to unravel too.
Roberta in D

On Tue, 5 Jun 2012 06:23:24 +0000 (UTC), NightMist

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Re: OT and onT

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But if she never wears it ... it's just going to waste, after all. ;)

Sandy in Henderson, near Las Vegas
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Re: OT and onT
I'm glad you are feeling well enough to sew again.  If you and DD wear the
same size and she isn't wearing it, I don't see why you couldn't borrow it
now and then!
Barbara in rainy SC

Re: OT and onT

Tell her it is your payment for moving her.  Guilt goes a long way...

Debbi in SO CA

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