OT- Beds for our Military Dogs

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Hi All,
  Just wanted to share a new project that I'm working along side of
making the blankets for animal rescues. I'm making thick matts, not what
I call a bed, but much better to lay on that the hot sand or cold
  I got involved with a local charity, www.thedesertangel.org , which
collects and sends packages to our servicemen and women serving
overseas, well they also have a branch called The Desert K9s, which
sends boxes to our hard working military dogs.
  I was shocked to learn about all the things that our government
doesn't provide our troops or our working dogs.
  This charity also has a branch that makes quilts for the wounded
soliders and also knits caps to wear under their helmets in the winter
months. So, if any of you like to knit and are looking for some small
projects and want them to go to a good cause, this is it. I imagine if
you were to contact them, they could give you all the needed info on
size, color and etc.
  Just thought I'd share another worth while cause.

Re: OT- Beds for our Military Dogs
You're a star, Jill
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Best Regards
Pat on the Green

Re: OT- Beds for our Military Dogs
On Apr 26, 2:50=A0pm, snipped-for-privacy@webtv.net (Jill -Critter Comforts)
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Glad to see you posting again Jill.  I tried to click on the link that
you send and it was a 404 Error.....HELP???

Re: OT- Beds for our Military Dogs

"Jill -Critter Comforts"

I often think of all you do for the homeless animals and you inspire me.
When I am in Florida for the winter I support the local shelter with food
and blankets.
Thanks!  Barbara now in SC

Re: OT- Beds for our Military Dogs
Thanks for helping the animals in your area!! They all need our support.
Cindy try www.thedesertangel.org

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