OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches

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I have looked in the archives and can't find a recipe
posted here a year or two ago.  It may have been from Sunny but I am not
sure about that.  I believe
it was adapted from a Rachel Ray pulled pork crock pot recipe.  It was
really a big hit.  Does anyone have it saved?
TIA, Taria

Re: OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches
Taria wrote:
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I don't have that recipe but I fudged a pulled pork recipe by generously
slathering a pork loin with my favorite barbecue sauce and cooking it in
a slow cooker.  The meat pulled apart very nicely at the end of the day
and I added a bit more barbecue sauce as required to moisten it up.

Re: OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches
I haven't adapted anything, and I don't really know Rachel Ray, but I
put a big ol' pork roast in the crock pot with barbecue sauce, just
like Allison. I usually make my own, because we like hot and sweet.
But whatever works, works. I've also used a packet of dry Sloppy Joe
seasoning with added chopped onion and tomato sauce. yeah, I punch it
up a bit, but the seasoning is a good starting place. Pulled pork is
just very tender cooked and seasoned the way you like it. Easy with a
crock pot.

(call me for lunch when it's ready!)

Re: OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches
If you'd like a recommendation for barbeque sauce, we dearly love Jack
Daniels.  It's as close to whiskey that we can get at our age.  Polly

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Re: OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches
I put the pork in the crockpot with about a tablespoon of chopped garlic, a
can of beer and a beer can's worth of water.

Depending on what I'm using it for, I may or may not add other things; for
barbecue, I'm much more likely to add rub seasonings than Q sauce just
because in my experience the Q sauce loses most of its flavor in the
crockpot---rather add it after pulling the pork.

If I'm shredding pork for anything Mexican, though, I'll throw in a jar of
salsa at the start of the crockpot process.  Does wonderfully well with beef
or boneless/skinless chicken as well, for tacos or burritos or enchiladas or
tamales or....... :)

Beer just makes a heckuva fine tenderizer in the crockpot, and once you add
the Q sauce or salsa or what have you, and after cooking it down, it doesn't
sidetrack the flavor at all.


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Re: OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches

http://www.redhotandblue.com /



It's August...in Texas.   duh!

R/Sandy- more time for quilting, fondling fabric, rootling the stash

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Re: OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches

Thanks pig.  I was really looking for the one posted here a year or two ago
since it was such a big hit last year at a party.  Actually it was so good I
even got to eat any.  The 'big' kids ate it all up.  (I got plenty to eat,
just none of that)
Reading your suggestions is making me hungry!
Thanks, Taria
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Re: OT recipe pulled pork/sandwiches

Around here pulled pork means the North Carolina Style BBQ. It is great
slow-cooked outdoors. We smoke ... but we don't inhale! Some cooks add some
seasoning prior to cooking. The sauce is not added to the meat until it is
served. The diner choose her favorite ... NC or Memphis or ??????!! Sauce.
We usually add coleslaw to the sandwich too. YUMMY! Try looking under North
Carolina BBQ. HTH. PAT in Virginia

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