out of print fabric sources and an idea

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Hello everyone

This subject has probably been covered before, but please bear with me.

Since I am still relatively new to quilting (it's only been a year and
a half!), I have missed out on a lot of great fabrics that have come
and gone before I became involved. Just recently I saw a Debbie Mumm
fabric on ebay called school days and it gave me a brainwave; I would
very much like to make a lapthrow for my DD2's teacher for the end of
the school year in June. Nothing fancy, I think a simple 9-patch will
do. However, this fabric is out of print. Can anyone recommend an
online site that carries out of print fabrics? Where could I go? The
Debbie Mumm site does not carry it. I know there are a lot of websites
in Australia that carry a lot of Debbie Mumm, but I have not found it
so far. Please help!

And now part two: I have also considered "making" the fabric myself; is
this feasible??? I mean; I purchase what I can find of the fabric, run
it through the scanner, and then print it onto fabric using a color
printer. When I did mom's memory quilt, printing photos onto fabric, I
was very pleased with the result. Would this work for the fabric?

Or am I just going off the deep end in a big way here?



Re: out of print fabric sources and an idea
Hi Claudia,
There's a great site www.missingfabric.com that I have used before. If
the fabric is out there, you'll know about it soon after posting your

Good luck,

claudia wrote:
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Re: out of print fabric sources and an idea
you could use other fabrics that have a school based theme.
apples come to mind, lol.
pencils, crayons, books, anything that has science type stuff on it if there
is such a thing.
why not use a bit of this and a bit of that. mix it up real good like school
do some regular piecing with themed fabrics, paper pieced school things,
make your own fabs sounds great too, some applique, some 3D folding blocks,
some embroidery, some trapunto.
school is a variety of subjects, so why not make it a sampler of diff
quilting techniques and blocks. whatever you made her would be so much
appreciated and the more variety the more interesting. each time she study'd
it she'd find something new and delightful.
heck, its your quilt, do what you like. oh and see if you can involve dd in
the process as much as is feasible. she'd love it, learn new things and then
the quilt really would be 'from' her. so much more special then for the
teacher and dd.
as you've got all year to work on it a bit at a time, should come up with
some fun things for it.
just some thots i had at quick notice, lol.
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Re: out of print fabric sources and an idea
There is also a line of "Lorelei" fabric that features teachers..... and
coordinating fabrics too.

Pati, in Phx

nzlstar* wrote:

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Re: out of print fabric sources and an idea
There are lots of school theme prints around.  A
recent/current one is the Loralie print - one of her series
She also has cute ones on nurses/doctors, brides, pet owners
and (I think?) a pink series for cancer survivors.

I have the teacher fabric here in prep for the end of our
school year in Dec.

Good luck finding the DM fabric, but if you can't take a
look at what is current.
Cheryl & the Cats
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