Paper-pieced or applique Japanese girls?

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    I wonder if any of you know a good link or links for a paper-pieced
or appliqued girl in a kimono.  I thought it would be nice to make a
little wallhanging for my friend's mum, who gave me all that kimono
silk.  My friend Misue's mum will be visiting in 2 weeks, and I
thought I could give her and her friend a little something made from
the kimono silk.
    Any patterns?  Links?

--  Jo in Scotland

Re: Paper-pieced or applique Japanese girls?
I have  a paper pieced pattern that is supposed to be sunbonnet sue, but
looks very oriental,  but not kimono.   Kay

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Re: Paper-pieced or applique Japanese girls?
I have been seaching for kimono girls...  I did not find a girl but a kimono
at  this link.
With love from Vigdis, Norway

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Re: Paper-pieced or applique Japanese girls?
Jo, I have an applique pattern for 20 Indian girls.  You could probably
change their costumes to kimonos.  Let me know if you think this would work,
and I'll try to scan it and e-mail it to you.

Sherry Starr

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Re: Paper-pieced or applique Japanese girls?
I have one in a magazine, I think it's paper pieced, I could copy it if
you yell loud enough!

One thought though, your friends mum is Japanese, will she really want a
gift that is Japanese? It seems people tend to prefer a gift that
relates to either the country they are visiting, or the nationality of
the giver. So I think she'd prefer to receive a Scottish themed gift - a
  gift that matches someones nationality if a good choice when they've
been away from home for a time and it's giving them a reminder of home,
particularly if it's something that's more expensive and they couldn't
justify buying themselves, so for example if I had a Japanese friend who
I thought was feeling homesick, I'd go to the local oriental store and
buy sweets/snacks as a token gift to bring a smile to their day.

That leaves the question of what would be something you could quilt that
  related to scotland? maybe a paper pieced loch ness monster!


Re: Paper-pieced or applique Japanese girls?

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    You know, all of these ideas had already occurred to me.  I am
American, and patchwork and quilting is very popular in America, even
though one could argue that it came over with Welsh or English
    Be that as it may, Akiko gave me some kimono silk when she
discovered I liked to sew and saw some patchwork balls that I had made
for the triplets.  Therefore, I thought a gift of patchwork and the
silk would combine both our countries' traditions well.  

--  Jo in Scotland

Re: Paper-pieced or applique Japanese girls?
How about using this

to make a stained glass style wall hanging.  You could even use some of
your kimono scraps for the geishas kimono!


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