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Send the gators north.  All of them.  Not one or two, but a whole brigade.
I'll email you privately in a day or two but I've not much confidence in the
human race at the moment.  Prayers, good thoughts, warm hugs are needed for
my young friend/former student/sort-of-adopted-son.

Re: Polly:Gators needed
Gee Steven that doesent sound good. I hope Polly gets those gators to you
quick smart.
Do we even get a hint of what is going on ?
Good thoughts

Dee in Oz

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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Filing the paper work right now, Stephen.  All I have to do to transport
them is to persuade DHS that we're going to open an endangered species
habitat in Alaska.  Maybe they won't ask what the species is.  Polly

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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Sending prayers of strength to you and all there, Steven.
Polly's gators and our prayers/good thoughts - the enemy doesn't stand
a chance!

Ginger in CA

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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Okay, for Dee and others wanting to know what is up, here goes.  Because of
reasons you will soon understand, this will be cryptic and short on specific

Former student graduated last year, showed up to help this year and I found
out about physical and emotional abuse of many years, being sent away by
parents, had to pay rent and food while in high school and parents raided
his account to pay for tickets to travel.  Told him to move out when they
found out he likes boys, lived with my partner and I for three weeks because
of threatened abuse by father while mother and sisters gone.  Crash course
in getting out on your own, budgeting, etc.  Found boyfriend, had to explain
birds and bees, had to get 10 friends to extract his belongings from home
after a call to police, including bike which is transportation to job.
Still living with us then apartment, boyfriend has issues and moves into
studio apt for two days ends up being two weeks then bf hooks up with ex and
borrows money from my former student instead of picking up his assistance
money so I step in to pay rent and loan I co-signed.  BF disappears, misses
dinner to talk about things, bf dumped, former student waffling, I'm trying
to point out the negatives of bi-polar, fetal alcohol syndrome, never having
a job and 21 years old and no diploma or GED are not bf material.  Then a
week ago at work knocked out in the locker room and assaulted and something
for evidence was retrieved from toilet.  Please read into this.  Today was
necessary medical exam (LATE AND I'M PISSED), follow-up police statements
(and the police don't seem to want the clothing for evidence), and this week
we will be contacting the local crisis center to begin services normally
provided to women.  Person is in jail, linked to two others in AK and one in
Seattle, supposedly confessed, but unknown and will probably make bail
tomorrow.  (Gators needed at the jail door)

It has been a long slog since October.  Often I was driving to work twice a
day, 31 miles one way, as I worked a morning shift and he worked a late
shift so I'd be up at 5 to get to work, he'd ride along, leave for work from
school, I'd either come home and then go back at 10 at night to retrieve
him, or stay after school until then to come home.  He doesn't drive.  Would
often need to talk and often until after midnight.  Five or less hours of
sleep isn't quite enough.  Now I'm driving clear across town, usually a 40
minute drive, to pick him up on his days off to spend with us.  Obviously he
needs comfort and protection at the moment and someone to hold him while he

There's so much more, but I just can't write it all here.  As it is I've
probably put too much out.  I'm not ashamed to say that I hope the break up
lasts, he can be on his own for awhile, get his finances back in order and
get the counsling and other help he will have to have to work through the
events of last Monday and that a plea will occur so that there will not have
to be a trial.

I'm exhausted emotionally as well and physically am about drained.  All this
on top of everything at work, too many changes and frustrations to
enumerate, and Bert has often held me at night as I've cried myself to sleep
from everything.

It portends to be another long week and probably more after that.  We all
need hugs for sure.  Thanks for listening.


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Re: Polly:Gators needed
On 09/01/2012 07:02, Steven Cook wrote:
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Prayers and hugs on the way for you and Bert and your former student.
No-one should have to go through this kind of mess.  You take care of
YOU now, as you can't take care of others if you break, and I know you
want to take care of this young man.

Kate  XXXXXX  R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls
Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Thanks Steven. Good thought are most definately needed. I had kinda guess
what the subject may have been but the problem was a lot worse than I
imagined. He is a lucky to have you there for him.

Dee in Oz

Re: Polly:Gators needed
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hugs, prayers, good karma and all that to you, your partner, and this
poor young man.  I'm so very very sorry.  The human race can be
*astards at times.  I hope to heaven that this young man can also
eventually see the joy in life, and in people.


Re: Polly:Gators needed
No gators to send you (might could manage some wild boar, they are
pretty fierce), but here's a (((Hug))).
Roberta in D


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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Sending Havelinas (they love garbage--specially the kind that fight to get
trash outta the trash cans and EAT rose bushes, thorns and all), a pair of
bobcats (have a baby to protect), a hawk or two,  one owl, and a passel of
Quail. You pick all if you want.

Also, for yourself: My Platinum wings.

Gentle Hugs

Re: Polly:Gators needed
{{{{{{{{{Steven, Bert, etc.}}}}}}}}}}}

On 1/9/2012 12:02 AM, Steven Cook wrote:
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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Oh Steven,  my heart aches for the poor young man, and also for you.
That's a heavy load to have put on you, but thank God you're there for him.
I firmly believe there's a special place in HELL for people like his
parents that think being gay is a choice.  Hopefully these small minded
people will swealter for all eternity!

On 1/9/2012 2:02 AM, Steven Cook wrote:
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Re: Polly:Gators needed
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I truly can feel for this person you have taken under your wing,
Stephen.  Thank you
for helping one in their time of great need.

Sadly, if I had written this same type of letter but with a different
slant (as in coming from
the type of person you are trying to help, Stephen.) I would have (I
did have) a different
response from this list.

Not pointing at fingers at anyone.  In fact, I'm happy to learned that
people have learned
some very important lessons about life and thus understand more
clearly with their hearts.

Blessed New Year,


Re: Polly:Gators needed

"Steven Cook" <>
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Prayers heading north to you and your friends to  help you with this
problem.  I'm also sending 2 small gators, 2 big snapping turtles, and then
a few owls  to take over at night.
Barbara in FL

Re: Polly:Gators needed
I don't have any ferocious wildlife to send, so I'm sending many, many
hugs and warm thoughts.

Donna in Idaho


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Re: Polly:Gators needed
This kind of thing just makes you want to send in all the gators for sure. =
Thank God you have Bert, and your young friend/adopted son has you. Here's =
the hard facts I learned (yes, the hard way) when I was a reporter in a sma=
ll town: people who have had hard terrible lives frequently have problems t=
hat defy solution, at least simple solution. And their emotional baggage te=
nds to open up and spread its ugly contents around. I hope your friend's 'b=
f' stays away, far away. Just out of high school, that young man needs time=
 to learn to be a functioning adult, not someone to bring him farther down.=
 It's a hard lesson for any of us to learn, that relationships aren't typic=
ally healthy until we learn to love and respect ourselves. And now, some !@=
#$%%^&&**(((((%^$#@! goes and hurts the lad. Sorry sod. I hope he rots in j=
ail. For a long, long time, no bail, no trial, no sympathy and certainly no=
 gentle treatment.=20

You have taken on a task that would quell many an angel. Please, don't forg=
et to value yourself and Bert and give the two of you time for joy and love=
 and happiness. And keep us posted. We really do care. I'll add my prayers =
and good thoughts to all the others. hang in there.


Re: Polly:Gators needed
Thanks everyone.  It's his day off tomorrow so off to pick him up tonight,
more talking, more hugs, more tears.  I'm also so glad I have a coupld of
wonderful counselors at work for advice and a great school nurse who has
helped answer many things for me and has given great advice too.

I know we're in for a long road and his days off may most likely be spent
here with us.  He follows me around like a puppy so it is a challenge, but I
understand why, but space, I need space.  Deep breaths.


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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Of course we are outraged.  Of course we are praying for you but finally I
see something that maybe just plain old advice from an old biddy will help.
You  DO indeed need space.  New mothers need space; everybody knows that.
Spouses whose loved ones have Altz need time out.  Assuming that you are
merely human, you need space too. Even our Heavenly Father rested on the 7th
    You and Bert will be heaps and lots better able to help this young one
if you can step away for a while.  Trust.   Polly

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Re: Polly:Gators needed
Hugs and good thought going your way. What you are doing for this
young man is priceless. He is so lucky to have you.

Take care of YOU!


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