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Looking for suggestions - know this has been asked before and have googled
the subject and got some ideas firm that.

Thinking about a game where everyone gets a safety pin upon arrival and
collects the from whomever says the word of the day.  We are at retreat
Thursday through Sunday and thin we might change the word every day.

Also, saw some pictures from an interesting relay race.  Each team had a
plunger, rolls of toilet paper and a basket.  They had to walk to the
basket with the plunger between their legs with a roll of toilet paper
loaded on it and dump the toilet paper in the basket without using their
hands.  I think that would be good for laughs.

Might do a thimble relay race too.  There will be 66 in attendance and most
come up to get a lot of sewing done so we don't want to take up a lot of
time with games but think maybe one all that lasts all weekend like the
safety pin game and the team games one a night for the three nights we are

Has anyone played any team games that they would suggest with a quilt
related theme?

Kathy in NH

Re: quilt guild retreat activities
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For a baby shower I made copies of many items that are all baby-
related such as diapers, rattle, etc. and pinned them onto an apron. I
put the apron on and stood in the middle of the group and turned
around slowly a few times for some amount of time (forgot how long)
Then I took it off, put it out of sight and they had a minute or so to
write all the items down from memory. You could do the same thing with
all quilt-related items. It was a lot of fun!

Re: quilt guild retreat activities
Our Guild has played Quilt BINGO...You make the cards with different
quilting terms and items in each square.  Or, we've played "identify the
block".  Each team or person gets a page with several blocks pictured, and
the one who identifies the most correctly..wins!

Alice in PA
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