Quilt Therapy needed

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Hello All

As usual the to-do list for life and work is way too long and I've only
seemed to be adding to it indiscriminately.  I think that it will only end
when I retire which is a bit more than two years away.  Can I hope to have a
too-long-to-quilt list?  One can hope.

The work desk is piled high, as is the quilting desk.  I know which one I
want to tackle first, but I also know which one will win.  Bert, bless his
heart, made the comment on Friday evening that I just need some quilting
time.  Isn't that an all-knowing and astute better half?

I really need to get started on another quilt for Grandma in the nursing
home.  I did the blue and yellow, Yellow Brick Road pattern two years ago
and this time I've found a pattern that looks very random, but if I follow
the directions which might be a bit confusing, the lime greens and pinks
should make something very bright and cheery.

I also have a rainbow pallette for another Yellow Brick Road.  Plan on
making it for the young man/former student that I've been helping out for
the past year.

Also too many other projects on the shelf that are just waiting to be
started.  And of course there is a trip over winter break that will need a
hand project to take along.

Anyways, hadn't posted in a while and it's been rather quiet so here I am.


Re: Quilt Therapy needed
Good to hear from you Steven.  My 'to-start's are in a pile in a
cupboard in my sewing room (all horizontal surfaces are covered with
other things.  I hate having to prioritise, but there you go we have to!
If I don't get my tax return finished in the next three weeks for
instance, I will get a quite large fine >g<.  I have a set of quilt
patterns underneath the mountain of tax papers.  A start will be made
tomorrow (only got a couple of hours available) and so it will go on!
Good luck and I hope you do get some quilting time.
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Best Regards
Pat on the Green

Re: Quilt Therapy needed
It is good to hear from you!  It is good of you to make another quilt for
your grandmother.  I don't think we ever have enough time to sew the things
we really want and need to do.
Barbara in cold SC

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Re: Quilt Therapy needed
I think I've told you this story before but bear with me, I enjoy telling
it. At MIL's nursing home, one of the dear hearts also a patient there had
been the Housekeeper In Charge (!) of somewhere important like the
Governor's Mansion. Daily she wandered through the rooms, rearranging
things, watering the plants (including the silk ones) and turning all the tv
sets to her stories.  This included distributing blankets and quilts as she
saw fit. Do put something on your grandmother's quilt that will easily
identify it. Polly

Re: Quilt Therapy needed
Sounds like you're working too hard! Please put a little time into
your calendar/schedule for sanity projects. Sanity is
important!Especially for teachers.
Roberta in D


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Re: Quilt Therapy needed
It's good to hear from you Steven! I know I haven't been posting as much as=
 I should...Can't even seem to find time to read my email. However, I'm wit=
h Polly, please put a label or identifying mark on Granny's new quilt. I'm =
not sure about nursing homes in Alaska, but back home in NY they were a nig=

I've been working on the basket blocks from the Yahoo group. Also went thro=
ugh all my finished tops that I brought to Cali two years ago....I really h=
ave to send those off for quilting. A few I plan on tieing, so that I can d=
o in the evenings, but the nice ones....gotta get them quilted.=20

I'm also working on my Christmas list. Seems like the more I think, the mor=
e I have left to do....Steven, I am jealous that you get to retire in 2 yrs=
. I still have till death do us part on the work front...that is unless I w=
in the=20

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