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I would try some detergent gently. If that doesn't work try one of the
stain removers made by Carbona (Jo-Ann's carries them)  or Z'out  (which
I get at the grocery store).

Cleaning the iron depends on what needs cleaning.  Iron-off works well
to clean the soleplate of the iron, but if the problem is dirty steam,
then try running a batch of half water half white vinegar through the
iron.  That will clean the insides, a bunch of cruddy steam will come
out and then clean the sole plate with the Iron-off.

Good luck,

Pati, in Phx

MelissaInNJ wrote:

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Re: HELP - Questions - Stains
HELP - Questions - Stains (MelissaInNJ)
some but are still there. I'd like to treat the ares before rewashing so
that they will be assured of coming out (I don't want to wash this 900x
before the giving of it). What would you use to spot treat these dirt
marks. I can't describe the stain anymore than it is "dirty".
   This may not help, not that the stains are laundered-in, but DD used
baby wipes to get rid of a fresh coffee stain on her sofa. The stain
disappeared like magic, and she said she uses the baby wipes like an
eraser on most stains.

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