Re: OT Toenail Problems Re: Kevlar Bindings? Talons of Doom

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DH did get some toenail fungus stuff from the clinic, and that did
indeed make his toenails easier to cut.  They still grow fast, tough
and sharp though.
He actually went up to have it looked into in the first place, because
I turned on my "auto-nag" function and began on him about getting
sugar tests after several rctqers suggested it after my original tale
of woe about what he and his talons were doing to my quilts. (Yay you
guys!)  The tests came back normal (yay again!), a relief since his
mom had diabetes.  The clinic also said that his heart murmmer would
have nothing to do with it, nor any of the valvular dysfunctions that
they want him to test for (he is digging in his heels and refusing,
grrr!)  The PA did suggest that his family history of psoriasis may
have something to do with it.  DH is the only one of his sibs with no
symptoms of it whatsoever, his mom had it to a debilitating degree,
and several of his nieces and nephews have it; so far in our immediate
family, only DD2 has it.


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