Ricky Tims Drive-By

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First, thanks to Kathyl for telling about this opportunity for adventure!

That was fun!

http://www.facebook.com/RickyTims #!/photo.php?fbid=499526090029&set=a.197644

or go to the Ricky Tims' FaceBook page and look for me & Summer Breeze.  ;-D

  He's doing this funny thing where he posts on FB & Twitter about where
they will be on their road trips; then whoever reads and wants to play can
make plans to rush to the highway and flap a quilt at Ricky & his driver.
This time they were in the Metroplex, had lunch in Grapevine, were heading
to Houston, along "my" route.  That's only about 6 miles from here, a quick
hop on Hwy 287 puts me there in 10 minutes.  As the hwy shrinks to just
2 lanes there, I pulled into a little alcove just 60 seconds ahead of them.
Phone call returned and here they came around the curve.  They were able
to stop next to me, off the hwy, and speak for a moment, while we
exchanged camera-fire.   (I actually let someone take my picture & post
it online- I am feeling like me! <g>)  And down the road they go.
But first, they had to stop at the traffic light at the intersection, so
I blew on past them, made a right turn w/ horn blaring, and we all laughed.
  What fun!  

  I'm not going to Houston this year; been there, not time to go back, yet.
But our picture is, me and Summer Breeze.  Quilt appropriately named, as it
is quite warm today, & the wind blowing along the hwy is somethin' fierce!


Thanks, Kathyl!

Ragmop/Sandy - enjoying the day
    ...oh, & there's my PT Cruiser: PT QLTR ;-D

Re: Ricky Tims Drive-By
That is cool.  He was lucky to meet you.  : )
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Re: Ricky Tims Drive-By
That looks like too much fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure (as well as the
quilt and the PT Cruiser)!
Louise in Iowa
nieland1390@mchsi dot com
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Re: Ricky Tims Drive-By
Way to go girl.  What fun

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Re: Ricky Tims Drive-By
I saw it!!!! awesome! =)

amy in SoCal

Re: Ricky Tims Drive-By
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How cool that they had time to stop and take pictures!  You might be
one of the first ones for that treat!   The wind is supposed to start
howling here tomorrow!

Ricky Tims Drive-By
Went to Facebook just to look.  What a cute picture!  You look like
you were about to blow away.  You needed a third hand to manage

Carole D. - Retired and loving it in the foothills of NW Georgia

My quilts, crafts, QIs, and more - http://home.windstream.net/caroledoyle

Re: Ricky Tims Drive-By
Great photo! that is so cool!
Roberta in D

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Re: Ricky Tims Drive-By
Love the idea of standing on the side of the road and waving a quilt.
There have been times when traveling I just didn't have time to stop
and meet my long distance quilting friends and would wave as we passed
their interchange. What fun it would be to wave a quilt at someone as
they drove passed. I would also love to have a large quilt in my front
yard just to say "a quilter lives here". Will think about a display
system this winter and might have one flapping by summer.


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