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I'm about to embark on the "great sewing room remodel". The room is empty
and almost ready for paint. My quandry is what kind and what color. Do I
want semi-gloss or satin? Do I want cream or off white or pale blue or green
or something else? I've never had the option of room color before. Ideas
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color
Does color affect you, Donna?  Do you have a favorite? and what's the window
situation? Polly

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Re: Sewing room color
Thanks for asking Polly,
I'm not particularly affected by color except that the room is shaded by a
gigantic cedar tree most of the time so it is dark, no direct sunshine but
the room doesn't get hot either. DH has promised lots of lights to
compensate. I thought that I had read somewhere that the color of the walls
had an effect on the appearance of the colors in the fabric. Did I just
imagine that? I may be stewing over nothing but that's what I do best.
I need to decide soon before DH loses momentum and my dining room and sewing
rooms change places. Right now all the stuff from the sewing room is in my
dining room. Luckily we eat in the kitchen.
In the modifications, I'm giving up my Horn cabinet with the lift. I sure
hope I'm not sorry or DH will have to build me a new one.
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color

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My sewing room is white with an overhead light and also a lamp that clips
onto the sewing table.  I prefer white so that a room color won't interfere
with the cloth color, but that is just me.  Grandmother had her machine up
against a red brick wall and it seemed to make all the cloth seem darker.
It was also more difficult to thread the machine.  She soon moved the
machine to a white room.  HTH
Barbara in SC

Re: Sewing room color
Thanks Barbara in SC. I'm definitely leaning that way.
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color
My walls were painted white tinted with peach years ago - it was only one of
three white tints available then that had no VOC's!  As the years have
passed, I no longer see the walls because they are all lined with shelves
and filled with fabric and other accoutrements.   The window blind is peachy
too.  Barnyowl

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Re: Sewing room color
I remember when my mother wanted her bedroom painted lavender. She and the
painter kept at the paint mixing until it was just what she wanted. She
loved that room and my dad loved what she loved.
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color
I'm partial to a warm cream color.   It's just slightly off white- a bit to=
 the brown side- but not beigy.  My fave is a rich cream color called Count=
ry White by Kilz bought at WalMart. VBG  It looks lovely with crisp white s=
emi-gloss trim paint around the windows and doors or with stained trim.  Pl=
us it stays the same color no matter the time of day or the sun exposure.  =
My least favorite off white is a grey-ish (too stark and cold) or a yellow-=
ish off-white (looks dirty and icky to me???).  Flat paint hides flaws on t=
he walls much better but satin is easier to clean.   If handprints on the w=
alls are not an issue for you I'd stick with flat or eggshell.  Yeah, I've =
done a LOT of painting over the years and chose the paint colors when I wor=
ked for a custom home builder.   I've made plenty of mistakes before I foun=
d Country White!   ;-)

Good luck with finding the right color the first time and remember you can =
return a partial can of paint for a refund or exchange if you paint a patch=
 of wall and don't care for the color.

Leslie & The Furbabies in once again stormy MO.

On Thursday, September 6, 2012 4:36:50 PM UTC-5, (unknown) wrote:
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ant semi-gloss or satin? Do I want cream or off white or pale blue or green=
 or something else? I've never had the option of room color before. Ideas p=
lease. Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color
LOL. Returning the paint is the least of my worries. Convincing DH that I
need to redo is where the plan falls apart.
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color
When we added my sewing room in my old house, I used a paint color
called "Pina Colada."  It had a teeny tiny amount of brown in it - you
couldn't really see the brown, but it kept it from being a bright,
bright absolute white. I like light walls, but I don't like them so
white they're "glary!" I'm pretty sure I used semi-gloss.  I did have
two pretty good sized windows in that room, but still added lots of
light - both fluorescent and track lights.

My new house has all the walls painted "Artist's Canvas" an off-white.
Probably a little darker than I would have picked, put since this was a
spec house I took what was here.  Don't dislike the color enough to repaint.

Hey, Donna I was going through some pictures last night and stumbled on
the pictures we took when we met you & your DH at Spokane.  That's been
awhile - I think it was 2004!

Donna in Idaho

On 9/6/2012 3:36 PM, wrote:
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Re: Sewing room color
Yes Donna in Idaho, that was fun to meet you and your DH. We still try to
meet up with folks when we can. There are really nice people all over the
world, some of whom I've actually met in person. That's really fun.
Thanks so much for the input to my color quandry. I think I'm leaning toward
a whiteish color. It's just easier that way. DH likes walls any color as
long as they are white. He shocked the heck out of me when he not only
agreed to rust and beige in the bathroom but actually suggested it.I guess
it doesn't matter how long you've been married there is always something new
to learn about the other marital unit.
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color
Den 06-09-2012 23:36, skrev:
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My sewing room is also my office (I teach and spend a lot of time
grading papers). I painted it BRIGHT light blue/turquoise! I haven't
been here long enough to unpack, and haven't been sewing here yet
either, so I don't know if the wall colour will affect the fabric
colours, but it affects my mood every day - it is so cheerful.

And so far, 5 kids have visited and had a good night's sleep in there,
so clearly not too bright for a guest room.

Whatever you do, get samples and paint them on the wall or on large
sheets of paper that you can hold up at different points. Colours look
different in big than on the little chips.

Hanne in DK

Re: Sewing room color
Make sure you note the color on the 8"X10" paper--back side--with light
pencil strokes, especially if they are close in shades. Went with a bit off
white (tan tone) for the Studio becasue of the Desert sun glare that we get
out here. It worked very well. I did use white cotton batting for the Design
wall that was bigger than the size of quilt I worked on so I didn't have to
worry on wall color interferring with fabric colors. The off -white was
easier on the eyes.

Re: Sewing room color
Thanks for your insight, Hanne. I love bright colors but I think I'd better
stick with something more mundane for my walls. Trying a larger area is a
great idea. I'm going to see if I can get some samples after I narrow it
down to a few paint chips. I doubt I would have tried that.
All you guys are really helping. I just have to narrow my palate and I'm
sure I'll find just the thing. After all "it's just paint".
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color
Hanne's right. Colors look different in big And they look different on the
'other' walls.  Half of my sewing room is dark paneling.  The first
owner/builder used it as a pool room, the architect intended it as a 2 car
garage. Whatever.  The truth is, I'm so happy to have a sewing room, I
wouldn't care if the walls were roofing shingles.  Polly

Re: Sewing room color
I suspect that after all is said and done, there won't be much paint peeking
around shelves, design wall, etc. to matter but I want the fun of picking
out my own color.
One perk I have with a house that is much too big for two people is that I
have a bedroom dedicated to my sewing room. DH has his hobby room, too.
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color

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Just happened to remember than occasionally I will see the Sherman William's
ads where they will offer a pint or sample of paint at a reduced price so
you can try it on the wall.  Also, at Lowe's & Home Depot where they mix
paint especially for someone, it won't be the right color so they offer
these "wrong" gallons of paints at a reduced price.  If this happens to look
like the right color for you, then you save a lot of money.
Barbara in SC

Re: Sewing room color
DH is sailing tomorrow so I'm off on the great paint hunt. Wish me luck.
Donna in Bellevue

Re: Sewing room color

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Have fun!

I honestly roll my eyes when people talk about the sin of having a
studio be anything but white or cream because it will "distort" things.  
Hogwash I say :-)

These are generally people who post pictures of their rooms and the room
is FILLED top to bottom with open shelves of fabrics in all the colors
of the rainbow and bookshelves crammed full of books with covers in
every color imaginable.  Yet somehow, they think that 4 square foot area
of white will off set all of that :-)


Paint what you like.  Your quilts likely aren't viewed in pristine white
rooms under full spectrum lighting and they still look wonderful, don't

Surround yourself with whatever color makes you happy to spend time in
there and you'll be just fine.


Re: Sewing room color
I did it!!! I bought the paint and it's very pale lavender. I think I'm
gonna love it. Thanks to you all for the little nudge to get what I wanted
not what I thought I needed. Now for the next steps. Repair the walls where
the peg board and shelves were. Scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and then
we can paint the room.  Rip up the carpet and pad and install the hardwood
floors. DH will build me a new cutting surface. Soon after that the hard
work begins...trying to fit most of the stuff back in the room. I won't be
sewing for at least a couple of weeks maybe even a month but it is started.
I'll try to take photos as we go along and find a place to put them. It's
pretty exciting.
Donna in Bellevue

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