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My sewing machine started squeaking a few days ago.  I took the bobbin
race all apart and cleaned everything out, went to put a drop of oil
and.... I'm out.  :(  Shall have to order some.

After more poking around, I found the sound is not coming from there,
but up in the workings, near the pressure dial.  Seems to be the metal
thingmy that makes the needle go up and down.  

Now, I've had this machine since 2002 and while I've oiled down in the
bobbin area, I've never oiled this place.  Was I supposed to?  Won't
it drip onto the fabric?

Please advise.  Feeling a little silly here in Dundee....

--  Jo in Scotland

Re: Squeaky machine...
What machine do you have Jo?  Your manual probably recommends
oiling more than just the bobbin area.  Check that because maybe
that is all it needs. I clean and oil and then run a scrap.  You should
not be using much oil, just a drop in each spot. If you get a lot of
drips you are over-doing it.
HTH, Taria

Johanna Gibson wrote:

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Re: Squeaky machine...

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it's another of these "it depends on the machine" answers, my Janome
had instructions to oil there and it really needed it, the performance
change was significant. Never had it drip on the fabric, the only oil
getting places it shouldn't that I seemed to have was occasionally on
thread, but I think it was probably me missing the tension disks or
something, it never happened such that oil was on thread in the middle
of a perfect seam, there would be something wrong.


Re: Squeaky machine...
Jo, I would use a drop of oil on the needle bar. And anywhere else there
is metal rubbing against metal.It sort of makes sense that metal rubbing
on other metal needs that oil occasionally. <G>  Then run the machine on
a throw away scrap, no thread, for a bit. That should take care of it. <G>
Don't know what brand or how old your machine is, but you may need to
take it apart, clean out the old lube and re lube it too. (Assuming it
is a mechanical as opposed to an electronic machine.) I used to do this
when doing a "service" on machines when I managed a sewing machine
department. If you unscrew the screws and such then it is pretty much
okay for you to do so. <G> (I checked with my machine tech before I did
this on others' machines. He said yep, pretty much. <VBG>)
Lube is thicker than oil, sort of a white paste type stuff. When it gets
old it turns yellow and "gunky". Use rubbing alcohol on a swab to clean
it off. (If you can find the kind of swabs used by computer techs they
are great, if not careful use of "Q-tip" type is okay, and a lot
cheaper. <G>)
If you have questions, please ask. Be glad to do what I can to help.

Pati, in Phx

Johanna Gibson wrote:
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Re: Squeaky machine...
...what make/model is your machine?  Do you have the manual...?


On Wed, 09 Apr 2008 19:31:52 +0100, Johanna Gibson

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Re: Squeaky machine...
What does your manual say?

I have a Bernina and it said that I never had to worry about any place
except the bobbin area.

The class for the machine was taught by an older woman who had sewn on
Berninas for many years.  She taught us how to take those machines apart and
oil many parts.  The part you are talking about, on the head of the machine
is one of those pieces that needs oiling.  If you are concerned about oil
dripping, oil it late at night and then place a tissue under the pressure
foot.  Let it sit until morning.

Then, sew a few minutes on some scrap fabric.  I've never had any problems
with oil--and, I use a lot of oil!

Happy oiling and then quilting!


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