Summer Breeze Quilt

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     This is one of the most unusual quilts I have ever made but not the la
st as you can do them in different colors.  This quilt is done in blues and
 purples. Go to the internet, you don't have to put the www in, just type i
n Summer Breeze Quilt.  When you get there, scroll down to Summer Breeze Pa
ttern-Jordan Fabrics and open it.  There is the pattern you can download.  
You will need to buy a Kaleido Acrylic ruler. Check Jordan fabrics first bu
t am sure has them for sure.  I made my quilt bigger, so it is 1
2 inch squares and has a 2 1/2 in inner border of same background color and
 a 5 1/2 inch outer border, same color as one of the blue fabrics used in t
his quilt.  I am going to make another quilt in a different color and also  
a baby quilt with smaller blocks.  Hope someone will try this quilt.  

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