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Again a Rowenta iron has started to leak after a little more than one
year of use. I love them when they work but they just don't work long
enough given the initial cost. It is being replaced with an Oliso, the
crazy looking iron with the auto-lift system.

The iron rests in a horizontal position on little feet that disappear
when you touch the handle. It is hard to explain if you have never
seen one of these irons. Visit their web site and they must have a
video www.oliso.com

I have used one at the quilt shop where I teach and once you are used
to it you will find it faster and less stress on your wrist and arm
because you are not setting it on the heal all the time. And following
Sherry's recent experience I am glad it shuts off after 8 minutes. The
nice thing is it automatically turns itself back on when the handle is
again touched. It has a one year guarantee so we will see how long it
lasts after that one year. The one at the shop has lasted for three
years but it isn't used every day the way my iron in the studio is
used. It also draws only 1440 watts rather than the 1750 watts drawn
by the Rowenta.

Am I thinking correctly that a 1750 watt iron is like running over
seventeen 100 watt light bulbs? No wonder the room gets hot if the
iron is on for hours. Just think of the energy we are using. Both for
energy savings and speed in piecing I have been trying to sew several
pieces assembly line style before turning on the iron and pressing.
Just think if we had to set that iron on the coals to heat it up---bet
we would do more finger pressing.  


Re: Switched to Oliso iron

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Susan, I'm anxious to hear how you like using that new iron on a daily
basis. I currently have a Rowenta that isn't giving me any problems, but
that Oliso sounds pretty good for future reference. :)

Sandy in Henderson, near Las Vegas
sw.foster1 (at) gmail (dot) com (remove/change the obvious)
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Re: Switched to Oliso iron

That's as far as electricity goes.  As far as heat goes, it's not a direct
equivalent; that's dependent on how the electricity is used.


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Re: Switched to Oliso iron
Susan, one of the shops where I teach also has an Oliso. It is a good
iron and it's a real kick when people use it the first time. <G>
However, ours has stopped "lifting". :( evidently the mechanism that
operates the little feet has worn out.
I do like the way the iron fills with water too.  Very nice and not at
all messy. <G>

Have fun,
Pati, in  Phx who is spoiled by her steam generator iron. <VBG>

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Re: Switched to Oliso iron
Maybe they've improved the Oliso in the past couple years.  Two friends and
I bought them and took all three back.  They didn't get hot enough and
didn't put out enough steam.

Donna in SW Idaho

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Re: Switched to Oliso iron
Again, Donna, I thank you.  NOW my computer doesn't like Susan.   As to the
Rowenta - Susan, may I urge you to flush that dear iron by the folder that
came with it - and ! - try using jugs of 'drinking' water in it?  The little
folder says do not use distilled water and I didn't.  I wish I'd not used
our well water.  I think that was the un-doing of my beloved Rowentas.  I've
been putting bottled water (whatever's cheap) in the new Conair and have had
very few troubles with it.
    I do sorely miss the heat and heft of the Rowenta.  Here's hoping you
can bring yours back to happy.  Polly

"Donna in Idaho" <wrote> Maybe they've improved the Oliso in the past couple
years.  Two friends and
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Re: Switched to Oliso iron
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I"ve used one of those a LQS. I was pretty impressed with it too. I
have the same
love/hate relationship with Rowenta -- love them when they work
properly, but the
last 2 started leaking in about a year. I'd love to give the Oliso a
whirl. Keep us
posted on how it holds up.


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