Tea Time Quilt which I renamed Rainbow Squared Quilt

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    If you go to www.jordanfabric.com, open and ask to see their tutorials  
at the top of page, you should find it, if they still have it.  
    Basically it uses 2 1/2 inch strips, five strips sewn together then mad
e into a tube.  Using a tube ruler at 7 inches, cut first one side, then th
e other, this should give you 7 squares from each tube.  You end up with tw
o different squares because one side you use the stitch line to start and t
he other on the fold. You have to be careful sewing these squares to gather
 because they are all cut on the bias, so will stretch.  It does make a col
orful quilt if you use batiks but could be made with regular cotton.  I als
o made my stitch smaller 2.0 when sewing the strips into tubes.  
 This is great way of using up left over material and next time I am going  
to try 6 strip tubes instead of 5, I would have to have a 8 or 9 inch depth
 on tube ruler.  Just make enough squares to make the size quilt you need,  
then add inner and outer border and you are done.

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