The Tea Time Quilt

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     You can see a picture of this quilt if you go to
 open it, go to video and tutorials at top of page and open that, and scrol
l down to tea time quilt where you can watch a video of this quilt.  There  
use to be a free pattern you could down load but now only gives the picture
 on their pdf download. It does require the tube acrylic ruler which is tri
angle shaped and they sell it on Jordan Fabrics.  
     I did not buy a jelly rolls to make this quilt but did use a lot of ex
tra left over pieces of batiks which I cut into 2 1/2 inch x 41/42 inch lon
g.  Next I sewed 5 different strips together lengthwise, pressed these and  
then put both sides facing then sewed together making a tube, now is the ti
me I used my tube ruler.  Start at the side that is sewn together making a  
tube, put the ruler right on the stitching line at 7" and cut both sides, t
hen turn the ruler on the fold line and cut another 7" one. You should get  
7 blocks from each tube.  You end up with two different 7 inch square block
s.  Try to end up with the same number of each of the two blocks.  Make as  
many blocks as you need to make the size quilt you need. Now I put together
 2 blocks of each kind until it makes the pattern shown on the video. Then  
I sew these into a 4 block larger square, then into rows. Then I added a 2  
1/2 inch inner border and a 5 1/2 inch outer border. Don't forget to cut yo
ur binding to match outer border.  
   This makes a great quilt to use left over material which I always have b
ecause I always buy more material than needed in case I make cutting errors
                  Sandy$     Enjoy

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