Thing for cast iron skillet handle

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The other day, on one of the many cooking shows on YouTube, I saw one of  
the cooks with a insulated cover over the handle  
( )  
that could just be left on the handle so the cook did not have to get  
down one of his pot holders every time he needed to move the skillet  
while cooking.

I figured that I could make one, but got to wondering if I needed to  
purchase some insulbrite or if "regular batting," which I have, would  
work.  However, when I was at the dollar store, I looked through their  
potholder/oven mitt section and decided to just get a potholder, fold it  
over and sew it closed.

I haven't made something in my skillet to test it yet, but it looks like  
it will work pretty well.  I measured it, and it is 7" by 7" (before  
sewing shut), which makes it just a little bit longer than the handle on  
the skillet.  I don't know if the batting in it is something like Insul  
Brite, or if it is just regular batting, but I have used potholders or  
oven mitts from the dollar store and they work just fine.  Part of the  
binding is folded over in a loop so I can hang it on a hook or cabinet  
door handle if I need to put the skillet in the oven for making corn  
bread or whatever.  The potholders over at the dollar store come in sets  
of 2 so I have a potholder that I did not sew to put over a handle that  
I can use for putting hot pots/pans on the counter or whatever I might  
need a regular potholder for.  There were several different patterns and  
colors available, and although how well it works or does not work  
probably isn't affected by what color/pattern it is, I choose to get a  
black one to match the skillet.  All in all, much cheaper and  
multipurpose than buying a "handle cover" from Amazon or Wal-mart or  
Homedepot or whoever.
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Re: Thing for cast iron skillet handle
Hello Brian,
    I would make me one if I were you since you already have the insulbrite
.  The other kind of hot pads have a lot of padding which would be bulky if
 you folded it over.  This is a great idea especially on pans and skillets  
that have metal handles. Just a thought.

Thing for cast iron skillet handle
I had one of those and threw it away.  After a couple of uses, it stuck to  
the extremely hot handle.  When I peeled it off, the inside was black and b
urnt.  It was only used on the gas stovetop, never in the oven.  I now have
 a Lodge brand silicone handle guard which I prefer, but stovetop only.  

Denise in NH

Thing for cast iron skillet handle
I bought some handle pot holders many, many years ago from Cost Plus.  I do
n?t use them a lot, but they have held up really well. I do have a  
gas cook top.  I?m sure your Dollar Store version will hold up as w

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