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Well,, I'm back!  A little shook up but safe and sound.  Last Thursday we
were hit with a tornado.  Body and house are OK, but Flora and Fauna are a
mess.  I can't believe the absolute destruction that I have been through
only took less than 2 minutes!  We finally got all the utilities back on
And when you live in the country----that means lot.  We didn't even have
water or toilets!!  Life is good now.  Maybe after another day or two, some
quilting is in order.  Cleaning brush and cutting up "downed" trees is the

Health & Happiness
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Re: Tornado

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Oh boy, I hear you.  We had an ice storm a few years back, and our power was
off from Thursday to Monday afternoon (and we were by no means the longest
outage).  City folks are always puzzled when I say we had no power and no
water.  "Why wouldn't you have water?" they say.

There's no more wonderful feeling when the lights come back on and the
appliances start to hum!

Glad you escaped without worse damage.


Re: Tornado

Oh my, I'm glad to hear you're fine. Yes, a tornado can change
everything in a minute or two. The same can be said of too many
natural phenomena. But thank goodness life it getting back to normal
and no one was injured.


Re: Tornado

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Unfortunately, tornadoes are very common here. I sympathize with you
on the destruction of your flora and fauna -- even when there's no
really bad structure damage, sometimes your landscape is changed
forever, and that always makes me sad.
I guess we don't get excited enough sometimes -- complacency can
be a bad thing -- but usually when there's a tornado warning here
my first thought is, "Crap. We're going to have to clean up the
yard again."


Re: Tornado

I grew up in Central Texas. Tornadoes were the bane of spring back
then. April, May and June. These days seems like they can happen any
time. I will never forget waking up in the middle of the night to the
sound of every window in the house bursting as the air pressure
changed dramatically. We didn't lose too much ever. But one year my
dad planted three young trees in a row along the edge of our yard and
the neighbor across the street was always admiring them. Next spring
we had a tornado one night and next morning woke to find all three of
those trees neatly pulled out of the ground by their roots and
deposited in perfect order in that neighbor's front yard. Daddy was
not amused.

glad to live in WA State now

Re: Tornado

Sherry;866394 Wrote:
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Wow, that's scary. I just moved from earthquake country to tornado
country. It's
funny how people in earthquake territory are afraid of
ever living in tornado
territory and vice versa.


Re: Tornado
Quoted text here. Click to load it are right, Mindy. Earthquakes are *much* more scary (to
You can get away from a tornado, and people nearly always
get adequate warning time. Not so with earthquakes.


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