Velveteen Log Cabin Quilt

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In another post, someone asked about making a velveteen quilt, all the
comments were quite helpful. However, about 15-20 years ago in one of the
"ladies" magazines, not a quilting magazine, there was the most gorgous
quilt that I believe was out of velveteen. It was a log cabin pattern and
I'm guessing it was velveteen, or at least something with a nap, it was a
tan color and of course every time the grain direction was turned, which
is a natural with a log cabin (I think, I'm a new quilter) it looked like
a slightly different color.  Does anyone know anything about the pattern I
am talking about, perhaps a verification of the fabric used? Or can
someone suggest a different fabric that would not be quite as heavy? I
thought for sure I saved the article, but I have not been able to find it.
I did like the
look of the velvety texture. Thanks, - Oregon Quilter


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Re: Velveteen Log Cabin Quilt
My memory isn't reliable, even if I had seen the magazine 20 years ago
:-) But you can make a log cabin without a special pattern. Or go to
the library and find one, there are various ways of doing it.

Velveteen is Heavy and not so easy to work with. Hard to press, for
one thing. And tends to ravel. If you really wanted to use it, I'd
recommend piecing the log cabin on a muslin foundation. You'd have to
trace the stitching lines on all the muslin squares, but it would
eliminate strain on the ravelly seams. And help with accuracy
-velveteen also likes to shift around. You wouldn't need any batting.
(These are all things I learned from making a monster velveteen and
corduroy log cabin, which nobody could stand to sleep under. But it
was gorgeous.)

Another fabric choice might be cotton sateen -look for it in the
curtain fabric department.
Roberta in D

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Re: Velveteen Log Cabin Quilt
I've been saving velvet and velveteen fabrics for a full size bed. I was
doing it in 5" squares. Planned on using a muslin for the back and then also
for the backing as you do not need batting in it. Even have some with
'rhinestones' on it, different colored designs but not the burned in

Have fun doing it
Butterfly (it's on my someday list)

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