Which would you buy (if either)

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One of my sewing machines is a New Home 445 from the early 60's (I  
think).  I was messing around on ebay (just looking at the listings, not  
really "shopping" for anything).  Well,anyway, there were 2 listings for  
New home 445's on it (there were actually more than that, I think, but I  
am just gonna talk about the 1st 2 I found). First let me describe and  
link to  both listings.

This is the first:  
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-NEW-HOME-Janome-Sewing-Machine-Model-445-Japan/273197826266?hash=item3f9bdc00da:g:z9YAAOSwMLha72 ~-.  
  The opening bid for it is 19.99, and the "buy it now price" is 49.99.  
If it is in working order, I think that is a very good price for what I  
think is a very solid, stable machine.

However, the shipping on it is $71 for standard and $77 for expedited  
shipping.  It also does not come with a foot pedal or any other  
accessories.  For instance, if you want the cams that come with it, you  
need to buy those separately, and I found a set of those as well for  
$20+S&H.  If you want a manual or more(such as a zipper foot, case,  
whatever), you would have to buy all that as well.  At the very least  
you would have to buy a foot pedal for it, which, a cost from 20 to 30  

The listing also says that the only "testing" that has been done on it  
is that the needle goes up and down when the hand wheel is turned, so it  
probably needs to be taken to a sew and vac shop such as Cathey's for  

So, you could easily spend well over 100 dollars (just the machine +  
shipping + foot pedal + servicing, the minimum needed, is over $100 and  
could be close to $200 depending on the cost of servicing).  Even after  
all of that you are not guaranteed a working machine, though I think  
that the 445 is a solidly built machine (at least the one I have is) and  
I think the actual risk is fairly small.

The other listing is:  
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-Janome-New-Home-445-Sewing-Machine-Teal-Blue-w-Case-Japan/272915773062?hash=item3f8b0c3686:g:ZP4AAOSwE-lZ~myv .

It appears to have just a "buy it now price" of $139.99 (there is no  
place to enter a bid, so it is perhaps an item that is not being  
auctioned), and is a more "complete" machine with a case(or at least the  
listing says it has one), a foot pedal, a manual, and an accessories box  
(though what it contains, spare needles, extra presser feet, whatever,  
it does not say, but I don't think it is "just the box").

The listing also says that the only testing  that has been done is that  
the needle moves up and don when the foot pedal is pressed, it was not  
tested to see if it actually sews, but again, I suspect it does.  It  
also says that it probably should be serviced, and that the shipping  
cost is $82.18, at least to where I live.

Therefore, the total minimum price is 139(machine) + 82.18(shipping)  
+?(servicing) for a price of I would guess of about 250 to 300 dollars.

The first machine costs less, at least if you get the absolute minimum  
required, though it might cost just as much if you get extra presser  
feet, find some kind of case that will work, etc.  The second machine  
costs a bit more if you get the the absolute minimum, but the absolute  
minimum is a "complete" machine (with foot pedal, carrying case, and  

I suppose on either one you are taking some risk on spending all that  
money and getting a non-working machine, but since the 445 is a solid  
well built machine (at least mine is), I really don't think the risk is  
that high.

So, I guess after all that, which one, if either, would you buy if you  
were in the market for a vintage machine, would you look at more  
entries, would you look for one that has actually been tested in actual  
sewing before buying one online, or what.

Now that I think about it while typing this message out, if I were in  
the market for a vintage machine, I would want to try and find a machine  
that had been tested in actual sewing.

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Re: Which would you buy (if either)
    I have done anything like this before so unable to help that way but have you gone on to www.amazon.com and ask to see Janome sewing machines.  This is where I have brought 3 sewing machines.  Check them out.

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