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I know it's been along time and I really don't have an excuse!  Life has  
been busy and I have been lazy!  I haven't scraped in about a year-how sad  
is that?  I find that after a busy week I just want to relax and watch a  
movie or play a game with my family.  Speaking of which here is a short  
update.  Emilee is 10-soon to be 11 and in grade 5.  She loves school and is  
involved in gymnastics, girls club, girl guides, dodgeball and curling as  
well as anything related to horses and her friends.  Catherine is 6 and in  
grade 1.  She enjoys school and being with friends.  She is involved in  
gymnastics and girls club.  She started wearing glasses this past September  
and is adjusting quite well to them.  Gary still works as an amotech for the  
military.  I'm working at the school library twice a week as well as  
babysitting in the nursery Tuesday mornings at chuch for our moms program.  
Health wise my heart is doing okay at this time but I was just diagnosed  
with diabetes last week so now I have to learn how to manage this! Any  
recipes of hints would be great.  They are trying to control my blood suger  
with diet(I hate that word!)  I'm also supposed to lose about 10 lbs which  
is very hard to do because I'm very limited as to what my bad knee and lack  
of balance will let me do!  Well I've probably bored you all to tears so  
I'll sign off now-have a good evening/day all!   Barb:o)

Barb:o) S'toon, SK, Canada
Just when the caterpillar thought it was over ...it became a butterfly!

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Re: Hi everyone!
Glad to hear you are doing pretty good.  In treating your diabetes, I've not  
had it, but I've talked to a few people that have.  This will probably sound  
crazy to you, but this is what I've been taught the past 2 1/2 yrs and heard  
and seen it actually work with a few people with diabetes.  Have you thought  
about chiropractic care?  If you have a place out of alignment in your back  
or neck, you are pinching critical nerves that go to your organs.  Those  
organs are slowing dying.  With chiropractic care you can get your back and  
neck back into alignment and get your system working correctly again.

Secondly, the doctors will tell you that the pink and blue stuff and even  
the splenda are ok to use.  They are actually making your problems worse.  
They are fake sugars.  There are a few natural sugars that will work and not  
spike your levels.  Stevia is one.  It doesn't take a lot of this to sweeten  
your drinks etc.  Another good one that we use a lot is Agave Nector.  It is  
liquid like honey but better.  As far as I know this does not spike levels  
either.  And lastly, there is Xylitol.  Xylitol is best for cooking.  It  
measures almost like sugar, prob don't have to use as much because I think  
it is sweeter.   I believe all three of these are organic.  If you have a  
health food store in your area, go talk to them.  They are very  
knowledgeable in this stuff.

Hope that helps a little, although I didn't give you any recipes.

Have a Blessed day
Tammy in IL

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Re: Hi everyone!
Actually I see a chiropracter regularily.  I was unaware of the  
sweetners-thanks for the heads up!  Barb:o)

Barb:o) S'toon, SK, Canada
Just when the caterpillar thought it was over ...it became a butterfly!

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