suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?

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Hi everybody! I could use some suggestions for storing my clear
acrylic stamps sets. Right now they are in a drawer, stuck on their
plastic sheet, inside the clear bag they came in when I bought them.
Its a hassle getting them in and out of their bag all of the time,
when I want to use them. Most of them are alphabets, various words,
and sayings  to use for cards.
Does anyone have any tried and true suggestions for easier access to
my clear stamps? A book or album of some sort?
Also, I have a couple of foam alphabet stamp sets that are a pain to
store in their original clear 'box' they came in. any suggestions
Thanks and I appreciate any input.


Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
Linda C wrote:
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I'm not sure about your stamps (I have the regular kind) but I store
them in embroidery thread boxes. I have several boxes that I label A,
B, C, D, etc. Then I made an index of all the stamps for easy reference
and labeled the stamp (just marked with a sharpie, nothing fancy).

For example, I have a stamp of a butterfly. I stamp the image on an  
index card. There is an empty space in box F, so I mark an F on the  
stamp (you could cut up the big plastic sheet into smaller sizes to hold  
your individual stamps and mark on that) and on the index card. Next  
time I need a butterfly stamp, I know to look in box F for it. The boxes
come in different colors and clear white, and they stack up easily.

Here's some pics of the storage boxes:


Carolyne in TX

Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
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i put them on transparancies (wal-mart or staples has them), then slip
those into sheet protectors.  then get a 3-ring binder, and organize
how you wish.  i got a binder with a clear front and made my own page
to go in there.  then on the side ( i have 3 binders full) i made a
list of what was in each one.  HTHs


Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
pretty much what I did. I stored mine on shrink art clear plastic and then  
sheet protectors. I have it in a mead fivestar zippered binder. I have tons  
in the one binder. I am off to do my regular red stamps next. Theya re off  
the blocks and awaiting vynil put on them and storing them too.


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Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
My stamps are in binders too... stuck on sheets.  It works really well for  
me.  BUT I have a friend that stores her stamps in old CD cases... that  
seems to work really well too.  She has labeled the side of them and stores  
them in shoe boxes I think standing on edge.  It temps me every time I see  
it.  As she can see what she has a glance.  I have to thumb through my  


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Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
A few years back I went through and unmounted all of my stamps so I could  
store them easily. I got baseball card plastic sheets and put them in there  
and also in sheet protectors in a binder. Then I made a little notebook with  
a each stamp so I could remember what I had. I like the idea of using stamps  
for the background of a page. Hilda  

Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
Linda...I sent this  link to the group a while back and I suspect you will have
everything needed to  
make one:

Kenda made two up and you can see them here:

Needless to say my cardboard stash is sitting patiently waiting to made into a
couple of binders to  
accommodate my own unmounted & clear stamps. At the moment the scrap attic is
undergoing "another"  
reorganisation so I can get at everything easily :o)  What a joke!  Anyone have
ideas for fitting a  
square peg into a round hole...LOL. I keep laying stuff aside to pass on, then I
retrieve it quickly  
thinking it will fit in that little slot there. Absolutely no way to overcome my
Take care,

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Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
Marilyn, I had to make another one the other day.  If anyone makes these pay  
close attention to the way Rock did her ribbon on the first link.  I need to  
redo the ribbon holding in the page protectors in my first two.  So that  
makes 3 that I have.  I must stop ordering grab bags of unmounted rubber  
stamps from Viva Los Vegas!  LOL  I love that store!  Some day I'd love to  
go to Vegas, not to visit the casino's but to hit the Rubber stamp stores!  
lol  some day when my fortune comes in.  Yes, we can all laugh, 'cause we  
know that's not happening!
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Re: suggestions for storing clear acrylic stamp sets?
Thank you ladies for all the great ideas! Marilyn, I remember you
posting that link previously, and I had forgotten to bookmark it ten!
Thanks for sharing it again! I think a book/binder will work great for
me, with extra pages added for new purchases..LOL I alsready have some
transparencies and extra sheet protectors, so I shouldn't have to buy
anything extra to organize it better.

Thanks  again!


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