What to do with Coffee cans?

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i have lots of the plastic coffee cans of all sizes..what can i do with
them..i already made a few scrapbook memories out of some..but what else
can i use them for..need some suggestion..hate to toss them out...

Re: What to do with Coffee cans?
depending on the size of them, I'd say alter them to house recipe
cards that you enclose within.  Almost like you take the lid off and
they swing open like a book, housing the recipe cards within.

You could also do it like an address book too.

Just an idea,

Re: What to do with Coffee cans?
They make good storage/holders for various items:

spare change
small toys if you have children/grandchildren

I had some other ideas, and once I remember what they were I'll share.

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Re: What to do with Coffee cans?
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You can alter them to store things, like Bathroom items such as
razors, extra soap, toothpaste, first aid items.
Paint or alter them and make a cookie storage can, or dry storage for
pasta or beans.
 Use them in yoru cabinet  for those envelopes of gravy mix, taco mix,
Koolaid packets etc..
My dad uses coffe cans to store nuts bolts and screws, spare parts for
stuff in the garage, garden tools.
You could even paint them and use them to start plants inside for
planting in the spring, or use silks and make a nice arrangement for
your porch or deck.
the possibilities  are endless!


Re: What to do with Coffee cans?
Linda C wrote:
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I'm thinking you may be able to alter some to use in a nursery, to hold
tubes of diaper ointment, diaper pins, small toys for baby to hold while  
changing, etc. :-)

Re: What to do with Coffee cans?
When the idea of the bathroom was brought up - I thought that you could
make them into a cover for an extra roll of TP on the back of the
toilet. Just turn it upside down and set it over it. Then you could
create what ever you wanted on the outside as a cover.

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