A good couple of days

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Some may recall that some time back I asked for sites for historic costumes
sites for a friend with a husband with a terminal condition and who was
doing a fashion design course.  Sadly my friend has had to give up the
course but through her I met a lovely young Canadian woman who was also on
the course.

Before my friend gave up, she asked if I would be the dressmaker's dummy for
both of them so they could do pattern fitting on me and then make outfits
for me as a part of the course work.  The request was framed in terms of,
"we want someone who doesn't have a perfect figure!".   With such an invite,
how could I refuse?

Anyway, to cut a long story shorter, my friend told me I had to dig our ALL
of my stash and sort it as she and the Canadian girl would descend on me to
pick suitable fabric to make the 3 outfits.

I was somewhat dismayed by this request as some of my stash I probably
haven't seen for at least 15 years.  When the Canadian girl asked me how I
currently had it sorted, I told her that it was 'archaeological'.

What a job!  Before I could get to the stash, I had to clean up the sewing
room.  I found the floor!  I vacuumed. I moved in a bookcase.  I filed all
my books.  I can now put my spinning wheels in my sewing room and my lace
pillows. Then I got to the stash.  How embarrassing!  So much fabric (but
thanksfully no moths or insects).

It took me AGES but eventually I laid it all out in the spare bedroom in a
rough order Knits/woven/fleece/denim/lining/rib trim.  Wovens in the order
of linen/wool/cotton/silk.  And then they descended, laughed and giggled,
mauled and tugged.  Finally the choice of jacket fabric was made (a hot pink
silk with matching lining), and the pants and top are to be a white heavy
weight linen.

But THE best thing is that I now have some order in the stash.  I have it
sorted into colour groups, got the husband to buy enough plastic bins today
to put it into and have now been loading the bins up with the fabric that
has already been washed and is ready to sew.  The fabric that needs washing
is gradually being overlocked (if needed) and going thorugh the washer.  And
what a day for fabric drying!  It's blowing a gale of hot air and by the
time I had hung out the last piece of fabric from the last load, the fabric
which was hung out second to last and third to last were both already dry
(synthetic wovens).

I'm now as happy as a pig in  a good wallow of mud.  What a feeling of

Re: A good couple of days
FarmI wrote:
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*Phew*  Now I'm exhausted and need to go sleep!

Want to come over and do mine?  ;-)

stitches @ singerlady.reno.nv.us.earth.milky-way.com
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Re: A good couple of days
FarmI wrote:
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I share in your feeling of accomplishment, I did the same
thing a couple of weeks ago.   I love going into the sewing
room now, and starting a project without first having to
clear a bunch of stuff off the cutting table, search for the
pattern, locate the notions, etc.  And I found so many
wonderful pieces of fabric!  I really must make a
prioritized list of garments to get made.


Re: A good couple of days
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Thank you for the congratulations :-) but I do feel that we have both earned
accolades for our efforts.  I didn't realise it'd be such a marathon effort
to get the stash out.  I knew the room was a pigsty but the blasted stash!
I too have now been sifting through patterns and doing al ist in my head
which I MUST commit to paper.  I think I have the first 3 items all figured
out so far.

Re: A good couple of days

FarmI wrote:
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Me too.  I put the fleece jacket on the back burner for a
couple of days.  My younger DD works in a hospital lab and
takes her breaks and eats her meals in the break room.  She
has to wear her scrubs, but worries about spilling food on
them while she's still on duty.  Long story short: she
picked up some beautiful green/blue/teal/purple batik fabric
a couple of weeks ago, and I'm making her a couple of
"aprons" (AKA bibs) to keep in her locker at work.

Beats banging my head against the wall figuring out what to
do with the Kwik Sew pattern alterations.


Re: A good couple of days
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If you are in (or want to join)  'Fabrics and Notions'  group on
there is a 'template' for organizing a fabric stash.

Fabrics and Notions is a  fabric and other items co-op group.  It even
organizes  made-to-order fabric colors, ie. Maldon Mills chamois, fleece(s),
Power Dry.
Siltex interlock, SS fleece and ribbing.

There is no profit attached to the group.  Just a great opportunity to get
great fabric.

Just an idea, not an advertisement.
AK in PA

Re: A good couple of days

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Not a memeber of that group and I think I already spend too much time online
anyway, but a few questions if you don't mind answering them:

Is it a database type template?  Or something else.
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Is this a different group to the Yahoo group?  Is it a stash swap group?

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Thanks for the thought.

Re: A good couple of days
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You go into the F&N group page.  Click on the link 'Files' on the left.
Go down the page until 'Stash organizer'.  I think it is a PDF file.
Just down load it.  No strings.

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No, not a swap group.

Nope, same group.  Well, actually there are four parts to the same group.
FabricsAndNotions    Main group where most of the action happens.
FabricsAndNotions 2   Offers other items.  Patterns, tools, thread, other
specialty notions.

FabricsAndNotions  Shipping Dept.
FabricsAndNotions  MTO    Made to order fabrics.    Arranges with
manufacturers to run up a quantity of fabric to specific colors voted on by
the group.

Lots of stuff.  Addictive.

AK in PA

Re: A good couple of days
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Wicked woman!  I need another addiction like I need another hole in my head.
I've printed out your post and will investigate it, but I warn you, I might
come back here and bite you if I get addicted. :-))

Re: A good couple of days
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Me!  Wicked!

Just wait til the Evil Fabric Queens' (Ressy) wand gets you!


AK in PA

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