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Hey guys :)

I am making a peasant blouse for a renassance fair. I have a pattern
for a regular peasant top, I am wanting to put elastic under the bust
and take up the area under the bust so it is not so full. I assume
just make the shirt, put it on, mark for where the elastic should go,
use bias tape run the elastic right?
Then can I take in the bottom part? Or do I need to sew a smaller
around piece to the under the bust part? I am very busty with a 45
inch bust and a 35 inch waist.
If  I need to use a smaller around piece under the bust can I make the
shirt, then trim the fabric under the bust elastic, serger the raw
edge then attach the bottom piece to it? Maybe camoflauge the seam
with a trim of some kind?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.


Re: Adapting pattern
Dear Dana,

Many of my students participated in Renfaire activities.  They tried
to keep their garb as authentic as possible.  Using elastic at all is
a no-no; putting it under the bust is not the solution.  You should
think about making a weskit--looks like a corset, but worn over the
"peasant blouse,"  and laced up.   I think that piece of garb is
called a chemise.

There are all sorts of sites on the 'net for renaissance garb and the
making of it.  Have a look--it could be a wonderful new hobby.


Re: Adapting pattern
On May 7, 3:59BF=BDpm, wrote:
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No not anything like that. This is just for fun to go to a fair, not
participate. About half the visitors wear something "costumie" the
others are in shorts or jeans. I opted for a long skirt and peasant
type blouse :) If the shirt does not work out I will just do a tank
top that matches the skirt.


Re: Adapting pattern
Dana Compton wrote:
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Dana, why not look at these patterns rather than adapting something:

Nos. 3750, 3887, 4022

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