Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design , fabric design learning system, Book + CD

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Presenting Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design

   Presenting Adobe Photoshop for Textile design. This book and CD was
created as a textile design learning system. It will show you step by
step techniques for creating color combinations, color reduction,
repeats, tonal (watercolor) designs and simple woven effects used in
fabric design. The CD included with the book includes color charts and
practice fabric designs. You can find Adobe Photoshop at .

Everything in this book is explained in a simple uniform manner so that
nothing is overwhelming to the beginner textile designer and so that
the more advanced PhotoShop user can grasp key concepts more quickly.

Origin inc. is a design studio that uses only Adobe Photoshop for its
design work. As with any design software there are many ways to achieve
the desired end effects. This book provides instructions on many tried
and true fabric design techniques that Origin inc. uses every day.

Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design teaches the following subjects:
82=A7    Selection and Fill Tools - basic textile design settings
82=A7    Color reducing a textile design in PhotoShop
82=A7    Forced color reduction using the Marquee tool
82=A7    Coloring your textile design
82=A7    Cleaning a textile design
82=A7    Editing tools for textile design
82=A7    Square and Half/drop Repeats in fabric design
82=A7    Creating a plaid
82=A7    Mini bodies - placing a textile design into a fashion sketch
82=A7    Color reduction of a tonal textile design
82=A7    Basic Photo draping - used for fashion designs and home furnishing
design -  placing a textile you designed on a photograph or home
82=A7    How Textile Designers can use the color charts included on the CD
82=A7    Creating layers with various tools
82=A7    Adjusting and Tinting layers in your fabric designs
82=A7    Matching colors to a color chart - a must for color accuracy in
designing textiles
82=A7    Pulling colors within a layer
82=A7    Using Color Range to select a mask
82=A7    Reducing a layered design down to indexed color (advanced
watercolor technique & color reduction of a textile design)
82=A7    Photo Draping using the warp tool - advanced tool for placing a
textile you designed on a photograph.
82=A7    Using Bicubic Interpolation to resample an image (resizing a
textile design)
82=A7    A note about pixels per inch as related to textile designing
82=A7    Placing colors on the Color Table in the order you want (to make
recoloring of a textile design easier)
82=A7    Trapping and Platforming and Fall-ons in textiles

If you would like to view sample pages from Adobe Photoshop for Textile
Design please go to To find
out more about 80=9C Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design 80=9C and t=
o view a
sample from the book please visit us at or
it80=99s mirror site . You can also
view sample pages at Google Book Search just go to and type in the ISBN# 0972731709 .

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