alter a blouse pattern

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Testing the pattern - I found that the neck facing does not match - but an  
easy fix. My challenge will be: through the neck, shoulders and sleeve cap,  
the fit is very good. After that, not so much.  I'm thinking it will be  
better to increase the pattern from just above the bust line and down -  
rather than begin with a larger size and attempt to 'take in' the neck,  
shoulders and sleeve cap.  This is just a very simple blouse - not a major  
undertaking.  I can try both ways.  Just wondering where you'd begin.  Polly  

Re: alter a blouse pattern

I always work from the top down when altering patterns -- you can't
tell what the bottom is doing until you know what it's hanging from.

joy beeson at comcast dot net
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Re: alter a blouse pattern
Thank you, Joy.  I'm thinking 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.  I'm  
willing ... okay... not really willing but grimly prepared to try a bigger  
size all over but think maybe that starting from the top is the best way to  
go.  Polly

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Re: alter a blouse pattern
On 2/26/2014 12:20 AM, Polly Esther wrote:
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Polly it sounds like you need to do a Full Bust adjustment. HAve you  
ever done one. From all I've ever read you should buy a pattern to fit  
your upper bust and then do a FBA. Here's a link to one of many on the web.

Re: alter a blouse pattern
Well, no, my friend. What I needed was a pppb adjustment (poor posture pot  
belly).  =)   Polly

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Re: alter a blouse pattern
On 2/26/2014 12:38 PM, Polly Esther wrote:
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Well probably most of u s over 35 have that problem. Maybe you ought to  
ask Kay Lancaster, since she really understands fitting so well.

Re: alter a blouse pattern
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Ah, a case of Dunlap syndrome -- I know that one well.  (the belly  
done lapped over the belt).

Yeah if the fit is good through neck, shoulders and bust, then just cut  
really large seam allowances on the side seams and use those to pin fit the  
lower bodice.  Yes, it may wind up looking a bit odd in the pattern, but it's  
ok, just keep the side seams straight and you'll do fine.  If it starts looking  
baggy in the back, double pointed (fisheye) darts are your friend.

What's the pattern you're working with?  Dartless, darts or princess seams?


Re: alter a blouse pattern
The pattern is about as plain as can be.  I only needed one that I could  
'do' my hair and primping and not have to pull it over my head to wear  
beneath suit jackets.  Just imagine - I did find one that would be nice but  
it was $600.  Nearly fainted.  Had to test it 3 times - once too snug, once  
too sloppy and finally - success.  Last try was with silk crepe leftover  
from a christening gown. Only have fine finishing details to do now and I  
love to do those.  Here's the pattern: Thank you all, Polly

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