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One of the great things about sewing is that people want to give you their
old machines!  My uncle brought one round today and my Mum asked why I
needed another machine...I couldn't get her to understand.  Anyway it's a
Wertheim SS-58, its all metal and looks seventies.  It has 6 stitch settings
and adjustable feed dogs and some kind of buttonholing system.  However the
belt keeps slipping and I have no idea where to find a new one.  It's an
interesting belt because it has teeth and I can't see why it's slipping at
all, but my uncle says it's just too loose.  Would anyone know how to go
about finding one of these?
Thankyou again!

Katy M (very excited)

Re: Another machine!!
On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 01:02:45 GMT, "AstroG"

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You should be able to reposition the motor to tighten up the belt.
There is an adjustment screw on the bracket that holds the motor to
the machine.  

Re: Another machine!!
We had a go at that but it's still too loose.  I think the belt is just old
and stretched.

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Re: Another machine!!
On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 02:36:31 GMT, "AstroG"

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Ok, new belt it is.  Any sewing machine store and Wal Mart sell belts.
You do not necessarily need a toothed one.  Good luck I am sure it
will be fine.  Have fun with it.  I love all of mine and have been in
mourning since I traded the industrial treadle for a paint job on my
truck.........But I will get over it as soon as the truck comes back I
will be at the Sally Ann and other favourite pick up spots..ggggg

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