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The place that owns Textile Outfitters (Canada) is killing the
fabric store portion of the business, according to an email I got
today.  85% off all stock.  They sell some rather hard to find
stuff like Schoeller Dryskin and waxed canvas for drovers' coats,
etc, as well as the more usual suspects of polarfleece, powerdry
and swimming suit fabrics.  One of the hard to find things they
carried was UPF 50 swimming suit fabric.

I've bought stuff from them in the past and didn't have any
customs issues with them sending it into the US.

Kay  :-(

Re: Another one bites the dust

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Online or Brick & Mortar outfit?

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Re: Another one bites the dust

Well, Kay, Textile Outfitters started as an independent store, from my
understanding, and was around for at least 20 yrs.  It was brick & mortar
with a catalogue department that begat its own online store. It moved around
a few times within our city [Calgary, Alberta], and a few years ago I
believe was bought by Campers Village.  It became a department within that
store [which sells casual and outdoor clothing and footwear and equipment].

I'm upset about its demise. I did support the store, and was in there last
week for a long zipper, and that was the first I hear about it [email
arrived a few days later].  Shocking to suddenly see 85% off signs, and
empty racks when you expect a fully stocked department.  According to the
staff person who served me, Campers Village is expanding another department,
but likely more upscale outdoor clothing.

For a city of a million people, we have very few specialty fabric stores. If
you want to quilt or do home dec, it's fine - but finding anything else
[outdoor fabric, nice suiting or dress fabrics] there's only one good
independent [that I know of] and several sari stores.

Sheila in Calgary

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