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Re: Attitude adjustment needed
And even better than that is to use a software patterndrafting
system--that fits you right in the first place! I was so heartily sick
of altering patterns--never the same way twice, of course--that I had
all but quit sewing for myself. With the programs I can actually get
clothes that fit, and with precious little fuss, so I am sewing again.
It's lovely, 'tis.

Karen Maslowski in Cincinnati

Phaedrine wrote:
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Re: Attitude adjustment needed

This thread reminds me of the most-devastating critique my appearance
ever got:  

One day I put on a brand-new orange-plaid dress to host a party.  When
my mother arrived, she asked "Did you make that dress?"

"No, I bought it at Block's Department Store."

"I thought so -- if you'd made it, you wouldn't wear it."

(My standards are still *much* higher for custom work than for
off-the-rack clothing.)

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Templates and stitching guides can help a lot.  If you want a crease
to follow a curve, for example, cut thin card or stiff paper to the
exact curve, then press the crease over it.  

Sew by hand more often.  

Don't try to trim off a dangling thread found after the work is
complete.  Thread it into a needle and poke it between layers or to
the wrong side.  (Tug it first, to make sure it hasn't just wandered

Be totally absurd about following the grain of the fabric.  I cut even
pillowcases and garden shirts to the exact thread.  Sometimes my
clothes don't fit, but they always hang straight!

You can often cheat -- if your sewing-machine needle threads from the
front, for example, you can fake two neatly-spaced rows of
topstitching by sewing once with a double needle.  

Don't challenge factories on their own turf.  

If you find a technique really hard to get neat, try to figure out how
to avoid it.  I dislike making buttonholes, so all my shirts close
with hooks or snaps.  I can't keep my top-stitching straight enough to
suit me, so I always use a fine matching thread to top-stitch
flat-fell and mock-fell seams.  

Installing a zipper neatly on a stretchy fabric requires hand picking
-- one day I realized that I always keep my neck-zipper zipped to
avoid burning my lily-white chest -- so all my newer riding jerseys
are built like T-shirts with five pockets.   I have to take my glasses
off to get them on, but they are more comfortable.  (The experiment of
sewing one on the outside and making it decorative failed miserably.)
But now I need one that has a separating zipper . . .

(I can cross that bridge after I find safety-yellow, machine washable,
100%-wool jersey.)

Joy Beeson
-- -- needlework
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wool jersey was ......
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Joy, have you tried for wool jersey? I haven't seen yellow,
but they have some really nice merinos at times. The stock always changes,
so when they have something good you have to act fast.

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Re: wool jersey was ......
small change wrote:

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I was going to suggest a merino too.  Alan has a machine washable merino
base-layer shirt/jumper that washes up a treat.  No, I didn't make this
one: he got it (in swamp green!) for about 15 from Aldi, and I can't
buy the yardage for that!

Kate  XXXXXX  R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls
Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
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Re: Attitude adjustment needed

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You might try some of the books and videos available (no I'm not receiving
compensation in any form for these recomendations). I attended a sewing
seminar years ago where there were many experts recommending their works.  has a book "Clotilde's Sew Smart"  she said "to avoid the
'loving hands at home look'."  Judy Barlip has, at least, a video on
Japanese Tailoring  techniques.
Margaret Islander...tons of info in numerous forms.   Look in the back of
sewing magazines,  look in the sewing magazines articles for specific
handling techniques.
Hope this helps,  AK in PA

Re: Attitude adjustment needed
Judy Barlup's website, for the Japanese Tailoring video is: /

I highly recommend it!

Karen Maslowski in Cincinnati

AK&DStrohl wrote:
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