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Do any of the Australian posters know if I can get Marfy patterns in Oz?

I understand that they seem to be affiliated with Vogue but when I rang the
fabric shop that I know stocks Vogue patterns, they knew nothing about them
and thus couldn't get one for me.

The pattern I'm interested in is:
Marfy 0493

Re: Australian posters pls read

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I found this.  Don't know if it is of any use.  Click on 'our retailers
around the world'.  It says their magazine is on our newstands - maybe in
Borders.  Doesn't seem like the patterns are here.  Maybe email them?

I only have dial up so waiting for all the graphics to come up isn't too
good, but I did notice they seem to have distinct catalogues for each year.
Maybe this coat is from a previous year?

I had never heard of them before.


Re: Australian posters pls read
Check out the Vogue pattern site; they have Marfy patterns there and I
believe you can order directly from the website, at least we can in the USA.

Re: Australian posters pls read

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I searched the Marfy site,
but could not find that pattern number, or a coat pattern
which resembles the one in your link.

A disclaimer on the site says :

"This offer is being made available to addresses within the
continental United States and Canada only.
This offer is being made as a joint collaboration between
Marfy and The McCall Pattern Co.
Marfy is a separate and independent company from The McCall
Pattern Co. Any issues regarding Marfy products should be
sent to Marfy. Marfy patterns are excluded from all
discounts and promotions on
No returns will be accepted by The McCall Pattern Company or
Marfy for any Marfy Patterns or Catalogs purchased at"

If you can locate the pattern #, I'm sure someone in the U.S
would be happy to purchase it for you and mail it to

Are you aware of this disclaimer?:

Do not have cutting layouts
Do not have seam allowances
Do not have hem allowances
Do not have instructions for assembly
<end quote>

Beverly, whose personal inclination would be to adapt a
pattern from one of the big 3.

Re: Australian posters pls read

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Thank you Beverly for all your help.  No I hadn't seen the disclaimer, but
none of those things would scare me anyway.  I can manage to deal with all
of those supposed 'shortcomings'.  Burda never scared me before they added

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Yes, I think it wouldn't be a hard one to draft up but I thought if they did
sell in Oz, I'd support them.  We are losing too many sewing related
resources in this country so I thought doing a knock off copy would be a
last resort.

Re: Australian posters pls read
G'day FarmI

Have you posted a 'wanted' ad in SewItsForSale group?  I buy lots of my
patterns through there and even with postage Downunder they are still
cheaper than patterns in fabric stores. /

Ebay is another option.  Hope you find what you want?
Bronwyn ;-)

FarmI wrote:

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Re: Australian posters pls read
I think you can order directly from their website. (That's what I would do.)

Go to and then click on   english   and then on     delivery.

You'll find the delivery rates for all over the world.

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Re: Australian posters pls read
 I just did a quick search (marfy/ regional communities) of the
PatternReview message boards and someone in Aus emailed Marfy with the
pattern no. and credit card details. Got the pattern with no problems. As
far as I can see, this is the only way to get the patterns here. The
catalogues are available in Borders.


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