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Where can I find what the rolled hem attachment looks like, costs, and
where can I find it? Can i find it still?? I checked the Bernina
Bernette 234 on the Bernina website and even the online manual they
have for the Bernette 234 doesn't talk about the parts numbers or name.

What's a babylock serger and how is it different than other sergers?

Re: Bernette 234 serger & Sewing FAQ

linuxlvrr wrote:
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they can't provide you with what you need, most of them sponser sewing 'clubs',
and you might sit in on a few classes and try to find someone who has the same
model as you, then plead for a copy of their manual. A Bernina dealer should be
able to provide you with one, though.'>
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   It's not that it's "different" --the Babylock comes in four thread,
or five thread, I think maybe even six thread now-- possibly there's a
model like the 'Evolve, (which may even be a BL, but I can't recall),
with  air-threading.
   IMHO, the Babylocks are extremely durable, reliable, well-made
machines. But most sergers perform the same basic tasks, with a few
variations , ie, # of threads (2, 3, 4, 4, 6--and more, I do believe),
and ease of use varies.
  I have a four-thread, which you can use as a 2  thread, or a 3
thread, by dropping threads and needles.  It does rolled hems with the
turn of a knob and drop of a needle--that sort of ease of use makes it
extremely appealing. I don't have to fiddle with screws to remove face
plates to convert to a different stitch, as I must do to use an older
Singer serger, which is only a basic 3-thread. I set this machine to do
one function, and don't much change the face plate.
                                               Cea ,it's all about

Re: Bernette 234 serger & Sewing FAQ
There is no need for a rolled hem attachment as it is built into the

If you look just under the needle, you will see a silver stitch finger
that can be moved back and forth using a lever on the right side of the
needle plate.  When you pull this lever toward you, the finger pulls
back so that the stitch will be formed around just a narrow pin.  When
you serge, usually using a short stitch length and a high tension on
the lower looper, the thread and a small amount of fabric is rolled
around this pin forming the rolled hem.

So:  1.  Pull the lever towards you.     2.  Remove the left needle so
you are using only three threads.    2.  Turn up the tension on the
lower looper so that is is just a tight chain on the bottom of the
fabric.   4.  Shorten the stitch length.   5.  Sew a test and set the
differential feed so that the fabric doesn't pucker.

The 234 also does a 2 thread rolled hem.  To do this, you need to
install a small wire part onto the UPPER looper, slightly changing the
thread path.  The two thread rolled hem is then sewn using only the
upper looper and the right needle.  Sorry, I cannot remember the
tension settings for the 2 thread rolled hem. (I used to sell these
eons ago but I own the earlier model that doesn't convert to 2
threads.)  But experimenting a bit will tell you, though I think that
it should be in your manual

Good luck with your rolled hem.

Re: Bernette 234 serger & Sewing FAQ

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I have a Bernette MO-234, and it *does* require changing the
needle plate to do a rolled hem, pl;us there's a little doohickey
mounted at the top right of the machine which increased the
tension on one of the looper threads, can't remember ATM which

If OP needs the plate and/or tension thing, maybe Ron can help?
I ordered one locally from a SAVE store.  <spit>


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