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My beloved bernina 1030 needs help!  I'm not sure if this is a simple issue
 that I can try to fix or if it will require a trip to the shop.  I just no
ticed that my machine will not shut off.  I tried unplugging the foot pedal
; unplugging and plugging the power cord several times to no avail.  Any su
ggestions?  Thanks so much for your help!!  Lisa

Re: Bernina1030

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I have a 1030 and can't imagine  how it won't switch off.

Do you mean the pedal jams and it keeps stitching?
If you unplug it from the wall socket it surely has to stop?

I would recommend you take it to a reputable service person wherever you  
live in the world. Unless the wonderful Ron has a solution that you can use.
Sorry not to be more helpful.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Bernina1030
I've gone back to my machine now that I've talked myself off the ledge and  
find that it was just something incredibly silly as I had accidentally push
ed the bobbin winder tab in which resulted in the motor running sound. i am
 so grateful it isn't something more serious!

Re: Bernina1030
Thank you for responding.  I just returned to my machine to see if I could  
figure out the issue. And it turns out it was my error.  I had accidentally
 pushed  the bobbin winder tab and it had been running constantly thus crea
ting the noise.  Add to that the fact that my foot pedal just bit the dust  
and it appears i will be out my machine for a few days.  Thanks again.  Lis

Re: Bernina1030

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Excellent news , now breathe!!
  Happy Sewing.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

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