Bobbin case keeps jamming

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My bobbin case has been jamming for years in my Singer machine.  It
sporadically and causes the bobbin thread to look all mangled on the
Every time it happens, I take out the bobbin case and replace it, being
to put the little arm on the upper left side tightly back into place,
the bobbin case.  Well, that has not worked this week and I realized what
real problem is with the machine.  There is a little metal plate that sits
around the bobbin case that has 3 screws holding it in place.  I simply
unscrewed the screws and pushed the plate closer to the bobbin case and
screwed them back in.  Now, my bobbin case sits perfectly in place.  The
does not make any odd noise and it feels like a new machine.  I think over
the metal plate moves a little due to constant use and just needs to be
back into place and tightened.  You can actually unscrew the metal plate
and put
the bobbin case in and turn the hand wheel to determine the proper
placement for
the plate and then screw it back in tightly.  This is a miraculous
discovery for
me! I don't want to tell anyone how long I have dealt with this issue and
frustrated I have been over the years!  Anyone who has continuous bobbin
problems should do this!  I wish I had realized this years ago.  Better
than never!


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Re: Bobbin case keeps jamming

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Thanks for the hint.  I've got a really old Singer with the same type of
bobbin holder you're describing.  I haven't had problems with the
bobbin, but it's good to know what to do if problems develop in the
future.  Although I'll go ahead and check it now; it has become noisy
and maybe that's the cause of the excess noise.


Re: Bobbin case keeps jamming

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For this generic advice could you mention the model of the singer
machine or product family ?

Your BC description sounds like a *Singer Stylist* based machine
? and if you tighten that BC plate too much on those machines you
will get thread jamming for a different reason.

Most machine's BC holders have a free play/movement tolerance gap
that is set. If too tight or too loose the machine will likely

my $0.02

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