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Thanks to all who responded.  I received the book that Kate recommended and
it is quite good.  I also found a store that carries the right color
illusion (diamond white) and sent my future DIL a sample just to be sure.
She wants the edges finished in 1/8" ribbon (hope the same store has it) and
I know I can buy one of those creative feet ribbon and sequin feet to help
keep the ribbon straight.  I have one question that I can't seem to find the
answer for anywhere.  If she wants to wear the top layer over her face (not
sure she's decided yet) would you put ribbon on the top and bottom of the
illusion (encasing the raw edge) so that it doesn't look funny when it's
flipped over her face?  I suppose the other option is just to make sure I
trim the illusion very close to the stitching, could be a little tedious
with 1/8" ribbon.


Re: bridal veil update
Lee & Cathi Thomas wrote:

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Yes, sandwich it!  Use silk ribbon rather than poly: it's much softer so
the double layer won't be so stiff.  You should be able to buy it by the
roll from places that supply silk ribbon embroiderers.

I also did this with the crystals I put on a veil last year so that they
were diamond-like from both sides, as the backs showed.

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Re: bridal veil update

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Or bind it... you can make your own bias binding from your choice of fabric.
This is how I finished off a circulaar veil using  bias to give a finished
width of 1". Much easier on curves than ribbon.
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