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I am looking for a chicken / chick / rooster costume pattern.  I've
checked all the books at Joann Fabrics (McCalls, Simplicity, etc.) and
can't find any adult costumes for chickens.  Can anybody point me to
where I can find a pattern?


Re: Chicken costume pattern

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Haven't seen a pattern for one.  How well do you work without a pattern?  I
bet we could come up with a great costume without one.

How chickenly do you need it to look?  I've done various animals from hooded
sweatshirts.  Do you need it to be more involved than something like that?

I bet we can all figure out how to make another kind of animal pattern work
like as a chicken.

---will ponder and ponder this one.

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Re: Chicken costume pattern
I put my thinking cap on and here's what I came up with.

Start with Simplicity pattern for a pumpkin #5490, but make it out of shaggy
fake fur in white or yellow or Rhode Island Red (just depends on what kind
of chicken you want to be)  Add simple wing shapes that you simply tack on
at the top.  Yellow tights for chicken legs (paint horizontal chicken
wrinkles for authenticity in a beige color) Yellow slip-on sneakers, or felt
feet over your sneakers, and a hat shaped like a baby bonnet with a red felt
comb and wattle.  Don't forget the nubbin tail or if you've got a rooster in
mind go crazy with felt tail feathers in rainbow colors.

Shouldn't be too hard, good luck,

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Re: Chicken costume pattern
Those feather boas will work great - just kind of wind them around a
polyester filled bodysuit and voila!


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Re: Chicken costume pattern

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This isn't a pattern but it's a picture of a costume that would be very easy
to copy.
Fake yellow fur, felt hands and feet, even the hood wouldn't be difficult to
duplicate. After reading the posts for ideas this seams to be about what
they are describing, and a little visual aid maybe be all you need to pull
it all together. You could trick it up with feathers and such.

Good luck!

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