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I want to make a canopy for my daughter's bed...the kind that hangs from a
ceiling hook, with a circular frame. Anyone know where I can find a frame, or
how to make one?

Also, anyone have a good source for inexpensive, sheer dotted swiss?


Re: circular canopy

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Hoola hoop, plastic tubing made into a circle, embroidery hoop, barrel
hoops, keep your eyes open for anything that's a HOOP or can be bent around
and fastened (duct tape?) into a hoop shape. You can always cover it with
wrapped ribbon or fabric if it isn't aesthetically pleasing to the eye but
light enough to hang. I looked into one of those from a drapery store to
make a canopy for my niece, they practically had to call 911 to revive me
after looking at the price!  I clipped the wire off the bottom of a big lamp
shade I found at St V. DePaul for 50 cents, worked great after wrapping it
with ribbon.

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Start looking on bargain tables and also check Display and Costume theater
type supply places. They often have really cheap material. If you buy a
whole bolt you can get some pretty good deals at fabric stores too.


Re: circular canopy
TietjnSmth wrote:
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Ikea were selling them, I seem to think. Also, hula hoops (the toys, not the
crisps) seem to be back, so Toys R Us would seem to be a source of cheap
lightweight plastic hoops.

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As ever, it would help if you told us where you are. This is a worldwide
group and my sources may not be much use to you.

Sally Holmes
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Re: circular canopy
On 17 Nov 2003 01:53:42 GMT, (TietjnSmth) wrote:

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There are plans for something like this and a bunch of other stuff in the Laura
Ashley Decorating Book
might be called the Laura Ashley Home Decorating Book, or Interior Design Book
At any rate, try going to your public library and looking in the home decor
section under draperies or decorating with fabric.  I am sure you will find
information about how to do this project and a bunch of others you didn't know
you were about to do.

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