Collar made from a bandana (for a human)

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Saw one in a thrift yesterday. They wanted $3. I have several bandanas
that would lend themselves well to this treatment...any leads on a

It looked like the bandana was cut diagonally, then fabric removed for
a head-hole and to provide shaping. Top-stitched to a lining that added
body, then 2" fringe applied around the edges. (This was a western,
square dancey looking type of deal, in case that impression had escaped
your notice.) Decorated with a couple of conchos and pony beads strung
in a sort of necklace pinned to the front. Displayed on a plain
T-shirt. (I could travel to a gig looking normal, throw on my bandana
collar, then take it off to go home.)

Yep, I could cut up a plastic bag and work on it, but if there's a Wild
Ginger or another option existing...

And googling brought up all kinds of pet decorations!


--Karen D.

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