Cowboy/Western Theme Ideas Anyone?

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I hope the creative minds in this group can help us with a decorating
challenge!  Our group is putting on a fundraiser dinner & silent auction in
October.  Our theme is the Wild West.  So far, with a $50 budget for 10
round tables, we have:  5 red & white checked vinyl tablecloths, 10 red
bandanas, 10 2" plastic cowboy hats in the primary colors, and twine to make
miniature lassos.  We have almost decided to get small bales of hay - the
kind sold at Michael's or Ben Franklins, using our 40% off coupons.  We have
a pattern for a 3" 2-dimensional cowboy boot made out of cardboard.

Does anyone have ideas, or links to sites,  on how to make an inexpensive
cowboy to add to our theme?  Thank you for your help!

Re: Cowboy/Western Theme Ideas Anyone?
shirley wrote:
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Sounds like one of my dance gigs!

Any local farm would have haybales available. These take up lots of
space and are incredibly cheap.

Tell people the theme, and they will show up in denim,
overalls,checkered shirts,  straw hats, bandanas, painted-on freckles,
blacked-out teeth (hillbilly and cowboy are contiguous for many), boots
or barefoot.

At one of my school dances, those little hats were strung up outside
the entrance in a mobile formation; cool for the little kids to walk

Go get a CD of appropriate music.


--Karen M.
and if you need a square dance caller...

Re: Cowboy/Western Theme Ideas Anyone?
I wrote:
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   Artists to look for: Riders in the Sky, Roy Rogers. Start with the
el cheapo clearance bins at a *.Mart. RITS are still alive and
recording, so their stuff will be pricier than RR's. I found a cassette
in the $5 box with RR doing old standards with various contemporary
artists. Another good find was the title theme from "Texas" (a TV
miniseries?) and it has a ton of nice stuff--Bob Wills, Sons of the
Pioneers, and more.

   Also Asleep at the Wheel, also still alive & collecting royalties.


--Karen M.

Re: Cowboy/Western Theme Ideas Anyone?
You can make centerpiece vases with tiny cowboy boots, sized for
small children. Get some used ones in yard sales. Spray paint
white. It will look like ceramic. Insert jar or other free
container to hold water and flowers. You might do a major
arrangement using adult size boots too. HTH.

shirley miller wrote:

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Re: Cowboy/Western Theme Ideas Anyone?
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