Elna Air Electronic cam drive

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Hi All  < Ron ? >
I picked up an Elna Air Electronic at the Thrift Store and
was putting it through the paces  -  all the built-in stitches
worked fine ;  most of the cams worked  except the  
"flower" pattern   < puzzling but not a show-stopper for me >
When ending one line of stitches,  I reversed for a coupe stitches
to lock in the end threads  -  when the machine stopped with a hard
clunk  -   Ouch !.  
After having a little difficulty removing the cam disk,  I tried the
machine  -  handwheel was slipping - so I removed & re-installed it -
- machine runs fine now but  -  the cam drive will not keep turning ..
hence no zig-zag  -  straight stitches and stitch length are OK.
I removed the top cover for a look  -  no obvious damage.
When running the machine and observing the cam drive - it will
turn about 1 rotation and then stop  -  nudge it slightly and it will
turn 1 revolution  .. then stop again.
  I haven't removed the bottom yet.
  Any help is appreciated.  It seems to be a sweet little machine -
-  a  made-in-Switzerland  Elna.
I downloaded a service manual from the Yahoo site  -  it's not bad
but it doesn't detail the cam drive
   Thanks ;  John T.

Re: Elna Air Electronic cam drive
On 8/21/2018 4:17 PM, snipped-for-privacy@ccanoemail.ca wrote:
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Sounds Like a broken Cam gear. If you email me the type number off the  
machine I probably can provide it.

Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine www.a1sewingmachine.com

Re: Elna Air Electronic cam drive
On Wed, 22 Aug 2018 10:24:57 -0400, Ron Anderson

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  Thanks, Ron.   I will email you.
ps:  I posted the question to the Yahoo group also and searched the
archived posts  -  camstack gear seems to be the problem.
There is much info there for replacing it on the 62C,  but mine is a
 model 68.  I believe that the part number is  B04092411.
  John T.

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