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      I am looking for advice on how to work with eyelash fabric. I am
wondering how I can avoid cutting the long strands when cutting the pieces
out and how to avoid sewing the strands into the seams when putting it
together.  I think this is going to be a challenge. Thanks for any help.

Re: Eyelash fabric
I have never sewn eyelash fabric, but would immagine that you deal
with it as you would a fur.....cutting from the back side into the
backing only and perhaps using a gntle tape to tape the lashes away
from the seamline if necessary.  Use a wire brush to "pluck & lift"
the lashes that gt caught in the seam after stitching. This would be
my guess.
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Re: Eyelash fabric
You may just cringe when I tell you how I cut it out, and if you are having
a bad day don't do this because it could be tempting to use the implement on
not only your self but others as well *wink, wink* Clear the children out of
the house.
I lay the pattern out on the back side of the fabric, make a whole pattern
if it says to put half on the fold and lay it flat, pin it down well, then
get a NEW razor blade and very gently cut the fabric (sort of like you are
sketching) around the pattern with just the tip of the blade, just deep
enough to cut fabric, not the lashes underneath......I do faux and real fur
the same way... I've been doing this for a long time and for me it works
better than scissors...kinda scary, huh!  LOL  As you pin the fabric
together I brush (coax) the lashes to the inside so they don't catch in the
seam. Make a test, depending on the density, sometimes I brush half in and
half out, sometimes it makes a thick ridge in the seam, just depends, you
have to see what your fabric will do.

Your mileage may vary,
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Re: Eyelash fabric
my question...does anyone have a SOURCE for eyelash fabric???  my daughter
would love a jacket out of it...

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Re: Eyelash fabric
I saw some at www.fabric.com

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Re: Eyelash fabric
On 19 Nov 2003 23:35:11 GMT, Two x over wrote:

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Plenty of knit eyelash on fabric.com, but don't know about wovens.

:) Trish

Re: Eyelash fabric
Thank you everyone for your advice.  My suspicions were right... this is not
going to be easy.  This will be a test of patience!


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