Fabric shopping in China

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  We went to China for No 1 sons wedding part 2 and it was amazing, we  
landed back home on Friday so I am just aout getting back to normal.

There were an amazing amount of costumes in total over 2 weddings ( 1st  
n France with us in Sept and then this one in China)  my daughter in Law  
had on 11 dresses !!! only 2 were purchased the rest were hired which is  
a blessing. From white and classy to very traditional with lots of  
wonderful Chinese embroidery and everything in between.

We had a  really wonderful trip and were totally looked after  something  
organised for us every day. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Olympic Stadium,  
UNESCO World Heritage  sites. Our trip was split between 2 cities, were  
spoilt for choice for what to do.

I managed to ask to be taken to shop for fabric , and was escorted to  
somewhere by 3 Chinese ladies one of whom spoke some english who then  
rushed me through my list of the type of things I wanted to buy, I had  
prepared a list which my daughter in law translated to Chinese for me.  
These ladies took me at my word a or list and  ran around only getting  
what was on the list.

The area was amazing I could have stayed all day, but we only had a  
couple of hours. I got some good printed cotton for spring dresses for  
girls a couple of pieces for children's aprons and only 1 price for me  
for a summer skirt. I didn't get any of the amazing satin and silk  
pieces because although they were stunning I have no idea what I would  
use them for. I managed to get needles for myself and mum for our normal  
sewing machines but was stymied by the more complicated needles for the  
metallic embroidery thread and the SUK needles for the coverlock  
machine. I found plenty of  reels of embroidery thread for Mum who sent  
me with a list and thread colours . Some colours I couldn't get but what  
I did get was an amazing price .16 reels of 5000m of embroidery thread  
and a 15000 reels of bobbin thread for 10 Yaun which is about 15?uros.

There were shops dedicated to buttons others for just thread and zips.  
Each shop tended to be a production point also so one was making suits  
and I could have purchased wool suiting, another sports T shirts so I  
could have got  that sports fabric. The printed cotton I got was from a  
shop making sheets , pillow cases and duvets. Jersey T shirt fabric  
turned out to be the same price as at home so not everything worked out  

Made it home without excess baggage, Phew. Now to wash it all and start  
planning my spring dresses.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Fabric shopping in China

16 reels of 5000m of embroidery thread
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100Yaun was 15 ? just re read my post and  saw my typo. 15 ? was for all  
the thread.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Fabric shopping in China
Claire in France wrote:
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Oh, my!  Congratulations, I don't know how I would have restrained  
myself. Have fun playing with all the new fabrics.


Re: Fabric shopping in China

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I didn't restrain myself, I think fortunately for my wallet and the  
baggage I was restrained by time and the ladies who took over my list.  
They took it rather literally although they were great fun and got into  
haggling for the prices, one even came away with an un-picker as she  
wanted to know what it did. I came back with 10.
Next time my list will include time to browse I think!!!
Claire in Montreal FRANCE

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