finishing knot for Speedy Stitcher

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Howdy.  I'm new here, but I'm sure you know that.  ;)

I've been doing some repair work with a Speedy Stitcher, one of those
"awl-for-all" sewing thingies with the wax thread in the handle, etc.
I works pretty good for what I need it for, me being totally clueless
when it comes to hand stitching.  The only problem is, the finishing
knot to tie of the tag ends and finish the stitch.  

The mfr recommends a square knot.  I've found this to be
unsatisfactory, as it loosens up and unravels 4 outta five times.
I've been toying with other knots that might work better in this
situation, but have so far been at a loss.  I was hoping someone here
could help me out.  TIA


Re: finishing knot for Speedy Stitcher
notbob wrote:
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Check the comments section here:

Q. how do you tie it off at the end??

A. Sailrite
3 weeks ago
When your on the finishing stitch (last stitch) insert the needle  
into the fabric then before you pull the needle out remove the  
thread from the needle eye (hole) and tie a knot with the opposite  
thread. Trim the excess away and now your done!?

Or perhaps here:

"You can tie that square knot at the end to finish off you sewing  
but thats just what you have a BIG knot ta the end. I prefer back  
stitching two are three and then burn the thread off. I thing it  
makes for a cleaner sewing job.............. I hope this  
helps:red_bandana: "

Q. I was wonder if there is another way to tie the end stitch  
instead of using a square knot
TIA Sinpac

A.  Back sew 2-3 holes, pull BOTH ends out the back side, pull  
tightly, and hold your razor as close as possible to the base of the  
protruding threads (pushing against the leather) and WIGGLE THE  
THREADS rather than cutting or sawing them off.


Re: finishing knot for Speedy Stitcher
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why didn't I think of that?  

probably bc I'm still not used to Internet videos. really and truly

Re: finishing knot for Speedy Stitcher
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Try a square knot with an extra wrap on the first "tie" of the square knot.  
Or a surgeon's knot.  You can also get various "glues" that are designed to keep  
fabric from fraying, but also will hang on most knots.  The one I like the best
is called "Fray Block", from June Tailor products, and comes in sort of a  
toothpaste tube.  Just dab a bit on the knot, let it soak in, and let the knot  
dry before stressing it.

Re: finishing knot for Speedy Stitcher
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I have one. I'd love it but I cannot get it to work  at all :-(

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