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I wanted to order a fabric swatch today from Mood fabric. The swatch is  
$1.00, the  shipping is $5.00. That doesn't make much  sense to me. They  
are not the only company that charges what I consider outrageous amounts  
to ship  a swatch. I didn't order it. Am I being cheap, stubborn. I just  
don't get those charges.

Re: Grip of the day
Juno wrote:
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I agree that occasionally S&H charges are too high (one reason I  
LOVE Prime).

I suspect it's the "H" part of S&H.  Even at minimum wage, it has to  
cost the company >something< to locate the bolt, cut the swatch,  
address the envelope, stuff the swatch in the envelope, and rush it  
to the post office.  <g>


Re: Grip of the day
On 12/18/2014 12:55 PM, BEI Design wrote:
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I'm well aware that it's not a cost free thing to send a swatch. Most  
large firms are automated. Fabric .com,Vogue fabrics. Fashion Fabric  
club to name a few so the handling is less. Of course robots cost money  
too.. When I buy fabric I weigh the cost of shipping with my searching  
my area and feel shipping is cheap, but that just rankled me. I use  
Amazon smile because a small percentage of the purchase price price  
going to the Linus Fund. I don't mind that even on prime, which I have,  
the price is frequently a bit higher than some other places. No running  

Re: Grip of the day
On Thursday, December 18, 2014 9:58:26 AM UTC-6, Juno wrote:
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Years ago when I shopped QVC I always thought their shipping charges were t
hrough the roof for the smallest item.  Shipping charges were being discuss
ed one day on their site and it was put out that they calculated what charg
es would be from Pennsylvania to their farthest shipping destination and th
ey used that to base ALL their shipping fees no matter how close you lived.
  I don't know if this is true or not but does seem plausible that other co
mpanies use the same method.

I no longer shop at QVC because of this and they've always charged me sales
 tax which was an incentive to NOT shop there.  I no longer shop at Amazon  
because as of 12-31-13 they also charge me sales tax.

Re: Grip of the day
ItsJoanNotJoann wrote:
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You could always move to Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire
 or Oregon.



Secure Pockets: was: Re: Grip of the day
On Sun, 21 Dec 2014 13:14:51 +1100, Fran Farmer

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In the eighties, I carried my passport in a bandanna tied around my
waist under my shirt.

Measured today:  forty inches.  Maybe if I tied two bandannas
corner-to-corner . . .  

joy beeson at comcast dot net
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Re: Secure Pockets: was: Re: Grip of the day
On 22/12/2014 12:39 PM, Joy Beeson wrote:
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:-)))  I can empathise and all I can say, is 'Bless the person who  
invented elastic'.

I've been thinking a lot about elastic since there were admissions form  
a couple of us that we'd never wear a zippered pack around our waists.

I have quite a stash of various kinds and before I've gone to sleep over  
the past couple of nights, I've been recalling the types of elastic  
waists I've used and which I prefer.  I don't like a single lot of  
elastic but I do like to use 2 or even 3 casings and then never seem to  
use any elastic over about three quarters of an inch.

That's my personal elastic foibles exposed.

Re: Grip of the day
On 12/18/2014 4:36 PM, ItsJoanNotJoann wrote:
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I don't mind paying sales tax. Anything I buy on line with tax is still  
less expensive than buying local. NY State tax is 3.25 %. Combine tax  
for state and county is 8.50%. It's cheaper and better that anything I  
can find in Joanns. Added to that is the the time and gas . My time is  
worth a lot to me.

Re: Grip of the day
On Thursday, December 18, 2014 5:49:04 PM UTC-6, Juno wrote:
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Sales tax here is 9.25% but no state income tax.

Re: Gripe of the day
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Yeah, I won't order swatches either, with those sorts of charges.  However,
I can kind of see it from the company's point of view... it does take time
and materials to cut tag, locate, then mail a swatch, and I wonder how many
requests for free swatches they'd get from starry eyed "just saw my first  
episode of Project Runway and I know I can make better dresses than those"  
novices who've never sewn a stitch......

That's part of the reason I've liked buying from -- the  
photos are good enough that you get an idea of the drape of the fabric,
and they do accept returns.  I wish more online stores would take heed of
their photographs and try to emulate them.

I tend not to mind paying swatching charges from specialized companies
that will send me a folder of, say, current cotton shirtings.  Or stretch  
cordura. Or all their base silks.  But when I'm only interested in one
fabric that's not well described or photographed, and they want a high
shipping charge, I figure I can find it again elsewhere, or find something else
that will do as well....

Whatcha looking for?  Maybe I've seen something similar locally in Portland.

Kay (have camera, will photograph ;-) )

Re: Gripe of the day

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First, thanks for correcting my spelling. ;)
I bought some stretch rayon from in a leopard print. 2 1/2  
yard black and brown and 2 1/2 gray and black. Washed, dried  it flat  
and folded it.took  it out yesterday to cut one piece"wide s to make an  
infinity scarf. It looked a lot wider than before I washed it. Measured  
and found  my 57-60" wide fabric is now about 74". It has absolutely no  
stretch left to it. I emailed today asking for a refund. I  
Havent heard back yet.
The swatch I was looking at was a blue and black cotton stretch  
lightweight jersey from Mood fabric. I wanted to feel it and see if it  
was the weight I wanted for the scarves I hope to make. The girls love  
the animal prints.  These are supposed to be Christmas gifts. Since we  
won't see the grandchildren until the middle of January, I have plenty  
of  time to make them. They ask me to make something for them every year  
and I usually try to.
So If you see something,while out, that looks like it will work I 'd  
appreciate  it if you let me know where I can buy the fabric.
I'll keep looking on line.

Re: Gripe of the day
Unfortunately, I tend not to trust the heavily discounted lycra containing fabrics
unless I know they're from a store that does a huge turnover.  Heat is especially  
damaging to lycra/spandex/elastane, and a season or two in an unairconditioned  
warehouse... well, doesn't do the fabric any good.

Unless something's change drastically in the last few years, you need to sew
to work the floor at Fabric Depot.  So it's probably safe to ask someone there
something like "would you make an infinity scarf from this?":


look at the animal prints here:


Re: Gripe of the day
Kay Lancaster wrote:
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For various meanings of "need to sew".  My very nice  
across-the-street neighbor works there.  She proudly told me the  
other day she "is going to take [her] first sewing classes soon."  
She has worked at FD for over a year.

I have never seen anything she actually sewed. All of her clothing  
appears to be RTW.  It may be that she quilts.


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