Hello, anybody in here?

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Uh, I haven't seen any posts in here since Beverly reported that indecent  
spammer. Is everybody just quiet or did my newsreader refuse to post? If you  
see me and/or did post something, please somebody reply to my private mail  
which is uschrader at versanet dot de.



Re: Hello, anybody in here?
Ursula Schrader wrote:
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I have been busily adding pictures:


Enjoy! :-)


Re: Hello, anybody in here?
I haven't been to a group and seen any activity yet. I think this usenet is a waste of money.

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Re: Hello, anybody in here?
Chinixinet wrote:
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LOL!  How much are you paying for it, top-poster?

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read  
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Re: Hello, anybody in here?
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Haven't seen anything since that one, but yours did come through.  We're in the  
midst of another heat wave, so I've been moving slow and thinking about
sewing more than sewing.  

Just bought some nice brushed microfiber shell fabric for a winter coat... still
trying to figure out the design I want.  Because winter here in western Oregon
is rainy, about as far as I've gotten is that I want a hood. ;-)


Re: Hello, anybody in here?
On 27/08/2014 2:26 AM, Ursula Schrader wrote:
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I see you Ursula.  The only sewing related thing I've been doing is  
washing un cut knit fabric and working on reconditioning an old Singer  
Treadle sewing machine.

Re: Hello, anybody in here?

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I'm still here, just.

I didn't see the indecent spammer I must have been looking the other  
way. Just taken down the summer Expo this morning, it seems successful I  
will know when the cheque arrives.

I changed the stock on the stall to winter 2 weeks ago the weather has  
been very variable this summer and the lack of our usual warm  
temperatures has meant that sales of summer dresses have dried up quickly.

I desperately need to get some more interesting autumn and winter  
fabrics. I have a lot of beige needle-cord which is great but very  
little blue, green or red to cheer up the look of the stall. I have  
translated an idea I had from a bag I saw while on holiday into a  

try and get  some pictures up soon.

We have another expo to put up on Tuesday the same day No.1 son catches  
his flight to China. He's off to study for this year a very exciting  
opportunity but stressful getting him ready to go , just got his visa  
yesterday!!! talk about last minute.

I was given a lovely old machine by a client who brought me a pair of  
Jeans to take in. It's a New Home 570 weighs a ton but sews really well  
I don't have the cams for the  fancy stitches but I don't think I will  
miss them, if I see some in a second hand place I  will pick them up.

I'm hoping for a break in the madness soon, as I would like time to play  
on something new . In the meantime I can relax watching Project Runway  
via the interweb and we are getting a French version of Sewing bee  
starting on Saturday here in France. A little sewing television to help  
me relax. In the meantime I will make more tea.

Claire in Montreal FRANCE

Re: Hello, anybody in here?

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You've got a lot going on, Claire! I'm sure you'll find the right fabric for  
your fall/winter collection. Although it's children's wear, why not go for  
berry colours and some teal?

I don't watch the Project Sewing Bee stuff; just makes me feel bad. Bad  
about my own abilities which are still developing, and bad about how other  
peoples' abilities are judged. Yes, we all should be able to take criticism  
but I'm on the soft side these days and so I give it a pass. Mind, I did try  
to watch sewing bee on youtube but I just didn't have the mind to watch it  
all. Guess I'm too much concerned with my own sewing and that of those I  
know - hmm, somehow personally (after all I haven't met anybody from here or  
Facebook in real life, apart from Kate Dicey).

Anyway, good luck for your sewing and selling. ;-)


Re: Hello, anybody in here?

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It just seems to be quiet -- we're in the midst of the last weekend
before school starts, so *stuff* needs to be done away from the

I've been doing more prepping and planning than actual sewing.  Next
week when the urchins (*) go off to school I will get back to work in
the sewing room.  Good thing, too, as the community band I play in
starts rehearsal a week from Monday and the bags I've been using for
the last decade need to be replaced.

(* one of the urchins is taking her last uni class online (it's a
stats class); the other urchin is a senior in high school.  How did
that happen?)

Jenn Ridley | snipped-for-privacy@newsguy.com

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