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Hi. My dad gave us an old Elina Lotus TSP as 1 of our wedding presents & its
doing my head in. Most of the time I cant get the lower spool thread into the
tensioner, that gives me problems. Whenever I use it I waste spools upon spools
of thread, get knots constantly & is forever jamming.
Does anyone have any information to help me? PLEASE, I'm about 3 spools away
from scrapping it.

Re: HELP! Enina Lotus TSP
New Bride wrote:
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Do you mean "Elna"?

Second question is, do you have a manual?  If not

Next question is, has it been serviced recently... or ever?  If not,  
take it to your local service guy for a thorough cleaning and  

Sorry, I cannot help more, I don't know the machine.  But if you are  
not threading it properly you'll never get it to work right, and you  
need a manual for that as well as routine maintenance.



Re: HELP! Lotus TSP

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 Yep - what she said - plus - review the archived posts in the Yahoo
Group -
that refer to the Lotus.
I'm not familar with that model, but I've read that it's a quite good
machine  -  worth spending some time reading & learning.
Don't scrap it  -  pass it on to an Elna enthusiast for refurb or
  John T.

Re: HELP! Enina Lotus TSP
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Lower spool = bobbin?

Do you have the manual for the machine?  Most people who are newish to machine sewing  
tend to have problems that boil down to a slightly misthreaded machine.  It's important to  
have the bobbin wound correctly and facing the right way, sort of like this:

(Here are some common beginner problems: -- the photos
are in pairs, first the top, and then the bottom of the fabric.  Blue thread on top, red in the bobbin.)

Another problem that may occur is trying to use cheap thread, which often wants to tangle or knot or break.

If you're threading correctly and still having problems, the machine probably needs a trip to the sewing machine doc and some TLC.  These are excellent machines, much sought after, so I do think you'll  
like it once you get the kinks out.


Re: HELP! Enina Lotus TSP
On 30/10/2013 20:44, New Bride wrote:
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Elna Lotus TSP?

I have one.  (Actually, I have three Elna Lotus machines!  I'm greedy!)  
  If you can post some pictures for us to see, I may be able to help  
more.  It might be a few days before I get back toy you as things are  
slightly insane here at the moment...  Deep down the costume mines!

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