Help! How do I make an Arm Sling?

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I am about to have some surgery on my wrist, and will be unable to use
my hand for approximately 6 weeks. During that time I will be in a
sling to keep it entirely immobilized.  The sling that they have me is
that awful light-blue hospital gown material, and I was going to
pattern a sling with a different material off of it, but I was
wondering if there was anyone else that had a better idea, or maybe had
made one previously? Thanks for any help!

Re: Help! How do I make an Arm Sling?
I also was forced back in the mid-90s to wear a sling for several weeks
through two surgeries.
A friend help me cut out several of bright colors of a denim like-fabric.
She then took them home and stitched them.  It wasn't difficult at all.
Mine was caused by an incident at school and I had no time to plan ahead.  I
have shared some of the slings with other people and I must say, they have
held up well.

Re: Help! How do I make an Arm Sling?
You're SO smart!

Mine was unexpected too - and my was my shoulder so I was totally
useless.  I hot-glued some lace and appliques to it.

I did much better a few years later with my crutches. I sprained my
ankle quite badly second weekend of a 7-week renaissance faire in Kansas
City, so I had to do the rest of the run on either crutches or a cane.
there is NO real way to make a big honkin' pair of aluminum crutches
look period-appropriate, so I decided I'd settle for making them
festive.  I crisscrossed them with brightly colored ribbons and hung
bunches of ribbons and bells at the ends of the hand-grips.  People
actually took pictures of me with them!

And the hook-end of the cane came in right handy on Scottish weekend.....
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Re: Help! How do I make an Arm Sling?

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 what? no crotched sticks roughly wrapped with cloth? i guess
that would be lower class anyway... :) what *would* upper
middle class &/or nobles use? (i keep old wooden cruthes in
the attic, just in case. i'm such a klutz. i have a broken toe
from the goats pulling me off balance down hill...)
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fortunately he saw her & told her she didn't really want to do
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Re: Help! How do I make an Arm Sling?

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ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow....

what *would* upper
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They stayed in bed and had people fetch things for them.
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true Scotsman wears under his kilt, it is incumbent upon them to prove
themselves "SCOT" or "NOT".  (I have little badges to give them)

I check from the side so as not to show anything inappropriate - there
ARE kids around.  If I reach a decent amount of thigh without seeing
bike shorts, I give them benefit of the doubt.  If there is a woman with
them, I deputize her to check for me, sending them off into a corner
between shops, all the while going "Nothing to see here, move along,
nothing is going on here!" to the rest of the crowd...

It's all in good fun, and if they really refuse I will back off, but
most have a sense of humor about the whole thing.  After all, it's not
about the "seeing", it's more about the "idea of seeing".

Of course, that is also the same weekend I usually strap a small mirror
to the top of one shoe....
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