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My daughter's Kenmore 385 sewing machine which is only a couple of
years old, won't work and I can't figure it out. It just simply is not
sewing, you go a couple of stitches and the threads are just loose
although the needle goes through the fabric...I took the bobbin
apparatus apart down to as far as it would let me go and cleaned it
out, but no go. Any advice???? Thanks!

Re: Help w/ Kenmore 385

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Without more info it's hard to know what to suggest.  But here are some
troubleshooting sites: =


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Re: Help w/ Kenmore 385
Awesome sites, thanks!!!

Re: Help w/ Kenmore 385
Maybe it is just the tension.
Barbara in SC and now FL

Re: Help w/ Kenmore 385

Could someone tell me when this sewing machine was manufactured?  My
brother bought this model at a yard sale Saturday for $25.  It came in
it's original box, manual, all feet, and power cord.  It did not have
it's bobbin case, but no problem, we bought one at Sears on Sunday for
less than $4.  It's handwheel, however, will not budge.  He's going to
take it apart and do a thorough cleaning and then will most likely take
it to the repair shop.  Just interested in knowing it's age.

But one thing that does puzzle me is the gigantic buttonhole
attachment.  I haven't seen one like that in years.  Am I wrong in
thinking newer machines all have the small, rather simple, attachments
now for sewing buttonholes??  Just curious to know.

Re: Help w/ Kenmore 385
On 26 Apr 2006 10:49:24 -0700, ""

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Are both threads loose...or is it just the upper thread that's looping
under the fabric?


Re: Help w/ Kenmore 385
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After bringing it for repairs twice, I discovered a design flaw.  The
slips out of the take-up lever eye and therefore there is no more tension.
solution:  open the side door and put the thread back into the eye.  The
guy said that to keep this from happening, make sure you stop sewing with
take-up lever up, over the top of the machine.  Personally, I think they
recall the machines and replace this part.  My son suggests a drop of
crazy glue
to close the eye, which would make threading the machine slightly more

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Re: Help w/ Kenmore 385
What about using a bit of eraser or something similar that would slide
onto the takeup lever and prevent the thread from sliding out?


On 09 Jul 2008 17:52:28 GMT, scotta_at_optonline_dot_
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