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I am trying to short the hem of my husb jeans. They are new and the =
material is quite thick. What would be the neatest way to do this =
please?  The hems need to be 3 inches shorter. Also it is narrower at =
the bottom, so I may need to cut some off.

Thank you

Re: Help with Jeans material
jones wrote:
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Wash them first and dry as you will treat them later.

If they are still too short, have him try them on *wearing
the shoes he will wear with the jeans*, then turn up the
bottom to the length he wants.  Mark that position, and if
there is still 1 1/4" *below* the finished length, mark that
as the cutting position and cut off the excess.  If there is
no longer 1/1/4" below the finished length, you'll have to
remove the old hem stitching, then mark the hem depth and
cut off any excess.

Fold and press up the 1/1/4" hem allowance, fold the *cut*
edge to meet the fold (the one you just pressed), pin baste
the new hem in position and sew them with "jeans" or dark
blue thread.  You'll need a "jean-a-ma-jig"
and a good strong sewing machine to sew over the *nine*
layers (or more) of fabric at the inner and outer leg seams.
It may help to steam the seams and pound them with a hammer
before you begin to sew.

When you write "... it is narrower at the bottom, so I
may need to cut some off..." do you mean that he wants them
tapered at the new finished length to match the old width at
the hem?  If so, hand them to him, and direct him to the
nearest cleaners with an alterationist.  ;->

Seriously, you *can* taper jeans, but if the seams are
top-stitched it's a fairly complicated job.

There is some good infomration here: ?

Good luck,


Re: Help with Jeans material
Thank you so much for the hint Beverly. Will go finish them now.


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Re: Help with Jeans material
BEI Design wrote:

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Don't be shy about the hammer.  I keep a small block of wood and a hammer in
my sewing room just for this.  Insert the wood and whack the seams with the
hammer once you have folded up the new hem.  It's amazing how much flatter
the seams will lie.  

Also make sure you are using a needle either labeled as a "jeans" needle or
a #90.  A needle lighter than that will break when you hit the flat felled
seam.  (even if you do whack it first.)

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Re: Help with Jeans material
I've just finished hemming and adjusting a several pairs of jeans and
kaki's for my DMIL, DS, sister and myself.   Only one of the seams of
the jeans were top stitched, the outer seam. The inner seam was regular,
making the jeans easier to taper. Of course you can't taper them too
much or the fit of the leg will be off.  I only took them in 1/2" on the
seam, which removed 1" total from the flare.


On Sun, 6 May 2007 23:51:09 -0700, "BEI Design"

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